Thursday, October 13, 2016

Madam Glam Cat Eye Gel Collection: Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  I feel like I've been gone awhile from blogging.  I went on a really long vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee and I've had a hard time getting back into my normal routine.

Today, I'm showing you the Madam Glam Cat Eye Gel Collection (I don't think these are all of them, but I do have a good amount).

Since I have a lot to show you, I'll put all the nitty gritty details right here.

All my swatches are shown in three coats on their own.  The website instructions say to do one coat over a black base, but I'm a rebel and prefer them on their own.  The formula and application are really great on every single one of these.  In order to get more depth in my design, I used my magnet after each coat of polish.  Make sure you do your design before you cure.  I cured these for 30 seconds in my LED lamp.

Madam Glam Buckle Up Honey

 Madam Glam Cheerleader

Madam Glam Conmigo Contigo

Madam Glam Dress Code Blue

Madam Glam Friendship First

Madam Glam Health and Wellness

Madam Glam Higher Spirit

Madam Glam Hooray

Madam Glam In Bloom

Madam Glam Poker Face

Madam Glam Satin Skirt

Madam Glam Supernatural  Power

Madam Glam Tiger Mood

Madam Glam Tropical Vibes

In my opinion, these are all really great magnetic gel polishes.  I really love these!

Madam Glam usually runs really good deals often.  You can sign up for emails when they are announced.  Or, you can use my code TPP30 for 30% off with no minimum purchase.

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  1. I stink at magnetic polishes but these look awesome!

  2. Magnetic polish hates me. I could never get it to work

  3. I love magnetic gels, and these are all beautiful x

  4. If these weren't gels, I'd be all over them!

  5. I really love magnetic polishes, and these are gorgeous!

  6. Can you believe I have yet to try out magnetic polishes?! These look like so much fun and they're gorgeous too!

  7. Oooohhh I really want to try these now!


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