Thursday, June 23, 2016

24 Karat Lacquer Summer of Love Collection Swatch and Review

24 Karat Lacquer is the new indie brand on the block and their debut collection is a set of seven bright neons.

24 Karat Lacquer Electric Sun
Neon yellow crème.  I did not use a white base with any of my swatches.  This is three coats plus top coat.  The formula on this one and all of this collection are really good and they applied well.
24 karat lacquer electric sun
Electric Sun

24 Karat Lacquer Psychedelic Dawn
I love these types of oranges and you know how much I dislike orange.  This is more of a neon mango than the types of oranges I dislike.  Three coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer psychedelic dawn swatch
Psychedelic Dawn

24 Karat Lacquer Free Love
Neon coral.  I have been on a huge coral kick this year, and it's a bonus if that coral is neon. I love this one.  Three coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer free love swatch
Free Love

24 Karat Lacquer A Brighter Shade of Green
Neon lime green.  This one is kinda reminding me of a bleached neon green.  Three coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer a brighter shade of green swatch
A Brighter Shade of Green

67 Angels
Bold neon blue.  This is a beautiful blue and I'll be using this for Fourth of July.  Two coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer 67 angels swatch
67 Angels

24 Karat Lacquer Purple Haze
Neon lilac purple.  Purple is my second most owned shade in my collection, so of course I love this one.  Two coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer purple haze swatch
Purple Haze

24 Karat Lacquer Groovy
My most owned neon shade is bright ass neon pink.  So, yes, I love this one.  Two coats plus top coat.
24 karat lacquer groovy swatch

The formula and application were all really good.  The lighter shades required three coats and the darker ones only needed two.

These dried to a matte finish and I prefer these with a glossy top coat.

Of course I had to water marble with them.  If you're on the hunt for a great marbling neon set, these are them.  They spread very well, I was able to get about 9 rings in a kid's size yogurt cup, and I was able to design really easily.  These are really great for marbling. 

My overall opinion of the 24 Karat Lacquer Summer of Love Collection is that these are really great polishes.  You can really tell the makers put forth a lot of time and effort into this before they launched this collection.  The labels are really cute and I love the brand name.

Make sure you check out their shop  They are currently offering this set for a discounted price of $8/polish or $52/set.  The first 10 customers to buy the full set will also receive a nail art set of striping tape, rhinestones, and top coat.  They also offer free shipping over orders of $50 with code FREESHIPPING.

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