Friday, April 20, 2018

Pink Gellac Starter Kit Review

Hey everyone!  I have a, new to me, gel polish system to show you today!  

Pink Gellac sent me their Gel Polish Starter Kit to try.  The kit came with everything you need to apply a flawless gel polish manicure.

Included in the kit:
Base Coat
1 Gel Polish Colour
Ultra Shine Top Coat
10 Remover Pockets
LED Lamp
Nail  File
Orange Woodstick
10 Cleaner Pockets

The shade included in my kit was Pink Gellac 182 Dynamic Pink

I did a full Manicure using the whole system and it wore very well.  I did make sure to prep my nails well before applying.  If you are new to gel, and are unsure how to prep, the  Pink Gellac Starter Kit does have a comprehensive manual to guide you through the process.

Removal was easy.  I buff off the top coat and then soak with the included remover pockets.  By the way, I really love the ease of wrapping up the nail with the remover pockets.  Again, if you're new to gel, the manual will guide you through.

You can order the Pink Gellac Starter Kit at  I visited the website at the time I made this post and it's listed at $49.50, which is a fantastic deal considering it includes every single thing you need to do a gel manicure.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my review!

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  1. I actually like the gel formula, those led lamps are pricy though, but the manicure keeps looking good for a long time.


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