Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pixi Skin Treats and Lip Treats Review

Hey guys!  The month of January was a bit crazy for me and I am a bit behind in my posts.  The flu this year is awful and everyone in my home got it.  Hopefully, this is the last of illnesses for us for awhile.

I received something pretty exciting while I was sick.  This lovely box was sent to me by Pixi and it is so beautiful.

First up we have the Skin Treats.

The Rose Caviar Essence is for all skin types and is intended to hydrate, brighten, nourish and soften.  After cleansing and toning, press a coin size amount gently onto skin.  The capsules contain fresh rose and flower oils.

The Rose Flash Balm is a 3-In-1 Formula that is intended to moisturize, prime or to be used as a hydrating mask.  To prime, apply a thin layer. To use as a mask, apply a thicker layer.  This Balm is created with rose water and olive leaf extracts.

The rose scent is so amazing, light, and puts a smile on my face.  I have not used these for an extended period of time, but I will update you with my results after I have used this for a week or so.

Next is the Lip Treats.

These are a MatteLast liquid lip.  It has a full color payoff in a single stoke that is hydrating, long wearing and quick drying.

Swatches for you!

The liquid lips come with a petal applicator.

Really Rose is my favorite of the bunch and I have been using it quite a bit.  I do enjoy this formula, it does dry fast and doesn't dry out my lips, while still having a long lasting wear time.

My first impression is that I'm really impressed with this package.  I'm looking forward to seeing what type of results I will have with the Essence and Balm.  The Liquid Lips are a great formula and I fully intend to continue wearing my favorite, Really Rose.

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Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are doing well and I'll have more reviews soon!

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