Thursday, January 4, 2018

Madam Glam Candy Fluff Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!!!  Happy New Year!!!

December is always a roller coaster ride where I don't do many nail related activities.  Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries.....  So many celebrations!  I ended up keeping my nails painted in Madam Glam Cute Alert with Accents of Popular Boo.  No pics, sorry!

First post of the year, and I start with my favorite gel brand!

I have two of the Candy Fluff Collection provided for review.

Fuzzy lilac in a pastel base.  
This is very cute and delicate.  Definately, a must have for the pastel lovers.

Pastel pink in a nude/pastel base.
Just like JawBreaker, this one is also cute and delicate.

The Candy Fluff Collection is so cute.  I'll be honest, I didn't think I would like these because of the fuzz.  Anyone remember those Sally Hansen fuzzy sweater type nail polishes?  I hated those in the bottle, so I never bought them.  The Madam Glam Candy Fluff collection are more pastel toned and less dramatic than the Sally Hansens from a few years ago.

I love these so much, I'm definately wanting more, especially the pastel green one (Junior Mint).

I have loads of other Madam Glam swatches, just type in Madam Glam in my search bar!

Thanks for reading! 

I hope 2018 is full of fun nail polish purchases for you and me!!!!!!

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