Friday, June 2, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Collection Swatch and Review

The Zoya Wanderlust Collection for Summer 2017 is packed with full coverage creams and beautiful shimmery shades.

This collection is a great selection for summer.

All of the formulas are just what I expected from Zoya, perfect and opaque.  Each of my swatches are shown in two coats plus top coat.  I didn't have any issues with any of the formulas.

Zoya Winnie
"A soft watermelon pink cream."
zoya winnie swatch

Zoya Sonja
"A summery crimson red cream."
zoya sonja swatch

Zoya Byrdie
"A rich bubble gum pink cream."
zoya byrdie swatch

Zoya Cora
"A muted coral cream."
zoya cora swatch

Zoya Esty
"A muted fuchsia pink cream."
zoya esty swatch

Zoya Lois
"A rich magenta violet cream."
zoya lois swatch

Zoya Sawyer
"A soft taffy orange cream."
zoya sawyer swatch

Zoya Arbor
"A rich olive green cream."
zoya arbor swatch

Zoya Journey
"A shimmering strawberry red."
zoya journey swatch

Zoya River
"A shimmering cobalt blue."
zoya river swatch

Zoya Mandy
"A shimmering berry pink."
zoya mandy swatch

Zoya Scout
"A shimmering moss green."

Another great benefit of these full coverage creams is that they stamp so well.  In this nail art look, I used a base of Cora stamped with Sonja.  I love how this turned out.

The Zoya Wanderlust Collection is available now at!

Which ones will you be picking up?

Thanks for reading!

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