Monday, May 8, 2017

Misa Cosmetics We Run This World Spring 2017 Swatch and Review

Hey, everyone!  I have a beautifully soft nail polish collection to show you today.  Misa Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection is "An ode to women around the world."

The formula, opacity, and application on this white is awesome.  I used three coats plus top coat for my swatch.  If you're looking for a good white crème, check this one out.  I really love the formula of this white.

Description from the website, "We may be going back to basics with this sharp white color, but female rights are human rights. Know yourself and know your worth so we can shatter the glass ceiling together!"

This is a squishy, peachy crelly like formula.  I love this subtle and squishy look.  My swatch is shown in just two coats.

From the website, "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women lifting and supporting her. Whether you're a mother, CEO or student, stay peachy keen with this dreamy spring color."

This is a beautiful, squishy, petal pink crelly formula.  My swatch is shown in three coats.  However, it gives a nice wash of color in two.

From the website,  "There's no doubt that women hold the power of the future. Remind yourself of your own strength and courage with this beautiful shade of petal pink."

This is a sheer wash of nude/pink.  This is great on it's own in one coat, giving the nail a nice, clean look.  However, it also looks great built up in three coats.  I would also pair this as a base to a French tips.

From the website, "For all the femme fatales out there looking to make their own fortune, this flirty blush will lead the way!"

This might be my favorite of the bunch.  A beautiful pale pink crème in an amazing formula.  My swatch is just two coats.  I'm always blown away by the flawless formulas of Misa, but this one really has me shook.  This is my favorite shade, and it's usually one of the hardest for me to apply because of formula.  This was buttery and self-leveled nicely.

From the website, "You're a fearless leader who exudes confidence, grace and substance. Leave any self-doubt at the door with this chiffon pink and remember - you're the boss!"

Bubblegum pink crème.  Another great formula.  My swatch is shown in three coats.

From the website, "We accomplish great things when we support one another. Go the extra mile and watch what amazing things can unfold when we join hands (with bubblegum pink manicures) and lean in."

I love this collection.  The formulas are flawless and these are great shades for business attire, special occasion, and every day.

The empowering messages for women behind this collection is inspiring.  I love it.  You can find more information through Femme and Fortune about the messages and collaboration with Misa Cosmetics.

I'll be back in about a week with a swatch and review of the Misa Summer 2017 collection.  There are some bold colors in that collection and I'm really excited to show you!

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