Thursday, May 4, 2017

ToSave.Com Haul and Review

Hey, everyone!  I have something a little different today.  I would like to show you guys my haul from and review a few of their products!

I found that the shopping site had a great variety of products at a great price point.  I was given the option to pick a few items, and I chose water decals, stamping plates, and an eyeshadow palette.  It was so hard choosing just a few things!

The first thing I chose was a huge variety pack of water decals.  I can't seem to find them on the site anymore, but they do have others listed.  The water decals worked very well and are of good quality.  I did this look using one of the many options from the variety pack.

I chose another variety pack (item 11161).  They are also of excellent quality with lots of different designs.

There's a great variety of very affordable stamping plates available on  I chose two plates.
I tested several of the images on each plate and got a great pick up on each one.  I had to do a cute woodsy scene with QXE-07.

As soon as I saw this eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to try it out.  Okay, so, I know this is very similar to another popular eyeshadow palette but I do not own that other palette to compare.

This palette is made by the brand, Cocosh She.  The quality of these shadows is great.  The color payoff was good and they blended very well.

This palette is only $5.07 and I am completely in love with it.

Overall, I'm really happy with my haul.  Everything is of great quality and I'm especially happy with the eyeshadow palette.  The shipping time was pretty fast.  I received my items about two weeks after I placed my order.

Make sure you check out Beauty In Hair and for some really affordable and good quality products.

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