Friday, May 26, 2017

Madam Glam Platinum Collection Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are having a great week!  I'm really excited for the holiday weekend.

Today, I have Madam Glam's Platinum gel collection to show you all.

These are packed with glitters and look like a party on the nail.  Some are more opaque than others.  Let's take a look.

Precious Stone
Orchid with silver glitters.

The base is clear on this one and I built it up in three thin coats.  This one would also look really pretty over an orchid metallic base.

Hip Hip Hip
Brownish/bronze with silver glitters.

This one is very opaque.  My swatch is shown in three coats, but it looked good in just two.

Lil' Sis
Light purple leaning pink with silver glitters.

This is one that has more of a clear base.  My swatch is shown in three coats.  However, I think this would also look great over a similar base color.

Red with silver glitters.

This one is also in a clear base and I built it up in three coats.  Love this combination of glitters!

Cinnamon brown with silver glitters.

This one is my favorite!  This one built up in two coats; however, my swatch is shown in three.  The base is more tinted than the others and I just overall love this one!

Popular Boo
Gunmetal and light silver.

The base is clear and the glitters aren't as dense as the other gels in this collection.  I think this would look awesome over a chrome gel.

Overall, I really like these.  They're different from any other gels I own.  Have you tried any from this collection?

The Madam Glam Platinum Collection can be found at  They are always having amazing sales, but you can also use my code TPP30 for 30% off.

Type in Madam Glam in my search bar and take a look at all my other Madam Glam swatches!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Posh Paints Nail Lacquer Celestial Wonders Collection Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  Are you a fan of flakies?  Sure you are!  I have Posh Paints Celestial Wonders Collection to show you today, packed with six flakies.

Flaming Star Nebula
"A multi-chrome flake that shifts from violet-pink-gold in a clear base with micro holo glitter, color shifting glitters, and a purple shimmer."

My swatch is shown in three coats plus top coat.  The formula on this and all the Celestial Wonders Collection are on the thicker side, this doesn't bother me and I prefer them that way.  However, you do want to make sure you let each coat dry a good amount of time before applying the next.

Fire Nebula
"A multi-chrome flake that shifts from red-bronze-copper in a clear base with micro holo glitter, color shifting flitters, and a copper shimmer."

My swatch is shown in three coats plus top coat.

Crab Nebula
"A multi-chrome flake that shifts from lime-blue-gold in a clear base with micro holo glitter, color shifting glitters, and a gold shimmer."

My swatch is shown in three coats plus top coat.

Eskimo Nebula
"Red-gold-green color shifting flakes in a clear base with color shifting glitters and micro holo glitters."

My swatch is shown in one coat over Posh Paints Enter Sandman.

Wings of a Butterfly Nebula
"Blue-green-gold color shifting flakes in a clear base with color shifting glitters and micro holo glitters."

My swatch is shown in one coat over Enter Sandman.

Little Gem Nebula
"Green-blue-fuchsia-gold color shifting flakes in a clear base with color shifting glitters and micro holo glitters."

My swatch is shown in one coat over Enter Sandman.

I absolutely love this collection and the combination of glitters.

These will be priced at $11.00 each/$61.00 for the set.  These will release Sunday May 28th at 5pm at Posh Paints!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Misa Cosmetics Summer 2017 Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  I have Misa Cosmetics Summer 2017 collection I promised you last week!

Continuing on with their theme, "an ode to women around the world" Misa introduces six bright, bold colors for your Summer enjoyment.

If you haven't tried out Misa's wonderful formula, you are truly missing out.  This collection consists of six perfect formulas.

This is only one, effortless coat.  It is creamy, buttery, and so easy to apply. 

From the website, "What's our favorite position? Why CEO, of course. Wear this bold hue of cherry red and let the everyone know who run this world."
misa call me ceo swatch

Another one coater with a fabulous formula.

From the website, "For all the dreamers burning the midnight oil, your constant hustle will pay off before you know it. Spice up your work and turn those dreams into reality with this pop of berry."
misa never stop the hustle swatch

Another one coat wonder!

From the website, "We are women, hear us roar. Ignore the warnings and never stop persisting with this refreshing red on your nails."

I know the description says this is red, but to me this leans more deep pink.
 misa she persisted swatch

This is my favorite of the bunch.  In real life, the color is much richer and appears, to me, to be a rich jade green.  This is currently on my toes and I absolutely love it.

My swatch is shown in two coats.  However, if you're heavy handed, you can get away with one.

From the website, "It's time we start asking for what we deserve. Wear this creamy shade of kelly green and be ready to tell everyone to "Show Me The Money!"
misa show me the money swatch

Another one coat wonder with an amazing formula.

From the website, "Whether it means taking up new leadership roles or starting your own business, keep your ambition strong with this decadent fuchsia. The world needs more of you and your magic."
misa stay ambitious swatch

That blue though!  Isn't it rich?  This is one of my favorite shades to wear in summer.

My swatch is shown in one thicker coat.

From the website, "Shine bright like a deep sapphire and take over the world with this bold summer shade on your nails. When we unite as women, we can achieve so much!"
misa we can do it

I know I say this every time I review a Misa product, but their formulas are just amazing.  If you haven't tried any, you really should.  They are in my top three favorite brands because of the consistent top quality product.

I also think it's so amazing that they themed their Spring and Summer line around women empowerment.  Thank you for being so uplifting Misa Cosmetics!

Check out some more Misa Collections, including their Spring 2017 Collection below:

I also did a Rose Quartz Nail Art Tutorial using all Misa Cosmetics products:

Misa Cosmetics nail polish is 5 free, cruelty free, vegan and only $7.50 per bottle!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rose Quartz Nail Art Tutorial

I fell in love with the rose quartz nail art look and watched several different marbling tutorials.  I took a little bit from each tutorial and decided this worked best for me.  This is definitely not my original idea, but I love the look, so I decided to share it with you!

First, prep your nail and then apply two coats of Misa Cosmetics Future Is Female.  This is the perfect polish for this look because it's not an opaque crème, but has more of a translucent crelly formula. 

Using a thin brush, apply wavy lines of Misa Shatter The Glass Ceiling randomly on the nail.

Dip a brush in acetone, blot on paper towel to remove excess, and tap on the white lines.  This will blur out the lines.

Apply one coat of Future is Female.

Repeat white lines.

Blur out the lines.

Apply two coats of your favorite thick top coat and you're done!

I love this look and it is so easy to accomplish!

Do you love this look as much as I do?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Misa Cosmetics We Run This World Spring 2017 Swatch and Review

Hey, everyone!  I have a beautifully soft nail polish collection to show you today.  Misa Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection is "An ode to women around the world."

The formula, opacity, and application on this white is awesome.  I used three coats plus top coat for my swatch.  If you're looking for a good white crème, check this one out.  I really love the formula of this white.

Description from the website, "We may be going back to basics with this sharp white color, but female rights are human rights. Know yourself and know your worth so we can shatter the glass ceiling together!"

This is a squishy, peachy crelly like formula.  I love this subtle and squishy look.  My swatch is shown in just two coats.

From the website, "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women lifting and supporting her. Whether you're a mother, CEO or student, stay peachy keen with this dreamy spring color."

This is a beautiful, squishy, petal pink crelly formula.  My swatch is shown in three coats.  However, it gives a nice wash of color in two.

From the website,  "There's no doubt that women hold the power of the future. Remind yourself of your own strength and courage with this beautiful shade of petal pink."

This is a sheer wash of nude/pink.  This is great on it's own in one coat, giving the nail a nice, clean look.  However, it also looks great built up in three coats.  I would also pair this as a base to a French tips.

From the website, "For all the femme fatales out there looking to make their own fortune, this flirty blush will lead the way!"

This might be my favorite of the bunch.  A beautiful pale pink crème in an amazing formula.  My swatch is just two coats.  I'm always blown away by the flawless formulas of Misa, but this one really has me shook.  This is my favorite shade, and it's usually one of the hardest for me to apply because of formula.  This was buttery and self-leveled nicely.

From the website, "You're a fearless leader who exudes confidence, grace and substance. Leave any self-doubt at the door with this chiffon pink and remember - you're the boss!"

Bubblegum pink crème.  Another great formula.  My swatch is shown in three coats.

From the website, "We accomplish great things when we support one another. Go the extra mile and watch what amazing things can unfold when we join hands (with bubblegum pink manicures) and lean in."

I love this collection.  The formulas are flawless and these are great shades for business attire, special occasion, and every day.

The empowering messages for women behind this collection is inspiring.  I love it.  You can find more information through Femme and Fortune about the messages and collaboration with Misa Cosmetics.

I'll be back in about a week with a swatch and review of the Misa Summer 2017 collection.  There are some bold colors in that collection and I'm really excited to show you!

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

ToSave.Com Haul and Review

Hey, everyone!  I have something a little different today.  I would like to show you guys my haul from and review a few of their products!

I found that the shopping site had a great variety of products at a great price point.  I was given the option to pick a few items, and I chose water decals, stamping plates, and an eyeshadow palette.  It was so hard choosing just a few things!

The first thing I chose was a huge variety pack of water decals.  I can't seem to find them on the site anymore, but they do have others listed.  The water decals worked very well and are of good quality.  I did this look using one of the many options from the variety pack.

I chose another variety pack (item 11161).  They are also of excellent quality with lots of different designs.

There's a great variety of very affordable stamping plates available on  I chose two plates.
I tested several of the images on each plate and got a great pick up on each one.  I had to do a cute woodsy scene with QXE-07.

As soon as I saw this eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to try it out.  Okay, so, I know this is very similar to another popular eyeshadow palette but I do not own that other palette to compare.

This palette is made by the brand, Cocosh She.  The quality of these shadows is great.  The color payoff was good and they blended very well.

This palette is only $5.07 and I am completely in love with it.

Overall, I'm really happy with my haul.  Everything is of great quality and I'm especially happy with the eyeshadow palette.  The shipping time was pretty fast.  I received my items about two weeks after I placed my order.

Make sure you check out Beauty In Hair and for some really affordable and good quality products.

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