Thursday, March 2, 2017

Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  I'm really excited about this Zoya post because it contains bright pastellllssss!  I love all things bright pastels, so let's take a look.

zoya charming
Zoya Charming Spring 2017
Zoya Jordan
"A soft blossom pink cream."

My favorite shade of pink is a bright pastel pink.  The formula of this one is great.  I used three coats for my swatch plus top coat.  This one is creamy and applies evenly.  It dries to a glossy finish.
zoya jordan
Zoya Jordan

I do have a few other light pinks in my Zoya collection.  I have included a few pinky nudes so you can see the difference.

From left to right: Kitridge, Dot, Jordan, Portia, April.

None of these were remotely similar, so I felt comfortable not comparing on the nail.

I had to do some nail art with this one.  I paired Zoya Jordan with Zoya Ginni and added some crystals.

Zoya Abby
"A light lavender cream."

Ohhhhhh.  This one turned out to be my favorite cream of this collection.  Light lavender is one of my all time favorite colors.

The formula and application of Abby was just as great as Jordan.  It applied well in three coats and dried to a glossy finish.  My swatch is shown with a glossy top coat.
zoya abby swatch
Zoya Abby

I don't have a lot of light lavender cream Zoya's, but I tried to compare a few.

From left to right: Marley, Abby, Miley, and Megan.
zoya abby comparison

Marley and Abby look the most similar, but the big difference is the finish.  Marley has a pearl finish while Abby is a cream.  Zoya Miley is similar in the bottle, but it is a sheer finish.  If you don't have Miley, you're really missing out, I absolutely love the look on the nail.  Zoya Megan leans grey and is completely different than Abby (even though on my computer screen these look similar).

Zoya Tina
"A medium amethyst cream."

You know what's almost as gorgeous as light lavender?  Amethyst...duh.  In case you haven't noticed pinks and purples are my jam.

The formula and application on Tina are great.  My swatch is shown in two easy coats plus top coat.
zoya tina swatch
Zoya Tina

From left to right: Liv, Tina, and Serenity
zoya tina comparison

Not even close!

Zoya Amira
"A soft dewy blue micro-sparkle."

While I really liked this one, it looked a little more grey than blue on my skin tone.

The formula and application on this is great and applied in two coats.
zoya amira swatch
Zoya Amira

The only other blue micro-sparkle I own is Rebel, and it's a beauty.  From left to right: Amira and Rebel.

Zoya Lacey
"A light dewy green micro-sparkle."

I'll be honest.  When I saw this in the bottle, I thought I would have the same not so warm feelings about this as I do Zoya Piaf.  However, I ended up really liking this one. 

The formula and application on Lacey is great.  My swatch is shown in two coats plus top coat.
zoya lacey swatch
Zoya Lacey

From left to right: Lacey and Dillon.

Zoya Millie
"A dewy violet micro-sparkle."

I love the purple micro-sparkles Zoya cranks out.  Like, I have an unhealthy obsession with them, which I'll show you in a second.

But, first, my swatch.  Millie has a great formula and the application was perfect.  This covered in two easy coats plus top coat.
zoya millie swatch
Zoya Millie

Ready for some purple micro-sparkle nail porn?

Are you sure you're ready?




Ahahaha!  I'm always excited when I get to play around with all my purple metallic/sparkle Zoya's.

Millie is in the very center, with the appearances of: Belinda, Giada, Isa, Jem, Julieanna, Mason, Mimi, Suri, AND Yasmeen.

Purple nail polishes are hard to photograph.  I use a Nikon D750, and even though it's a freaking amazing camera, I sometimes have difficulty with showing the differences between bottle shot purples.  The reason is because the digital sensor has a hard time seeing, rendering, and processing purple.  The color purple is made up of red and blue, which is on the opposite ends of the color spectrum and digital sensors may have trouble interpreting them.  Keep this in mind when you google swatches of purple nail polishes.

Enough of my tangent.  The closest purples I own to Millie are Mason and Jem.

From left to right: Mason, Millie, Jem.
 However, after looking at bottle shots, Mason and Millie are the closest.  But, doesn't that bottle shot of Jem make you want to wear it right now?

Millie on the left and Mason on the right.  Sorry, this is a tad....maybe a lot... out of focus; however, you can still tell these are two different shades of purple.

I then had to combine all the purples in this collection for a nail art look.

In addition to these awesome spring nail polish shades, Zoya introduced another lipstick. 

Zoya Violette
"An amethyst purple in a hydrating cream formula."

My swatch is the third time I've worn this shade.  I dig it.  It's a very flattering purple/pink on my lips.  I'm fair, with cool undertones, and barely pigmented lips.  For me, Violette compliments my skin tone and I really like it.  It's very easy for lipsticks to be too bold for me because of my complexion, but this one is a great every day color for me.  It gives a good payoff of color without it going too over the top.

This collection is available now on


Thanks for reading my dissertation on the Zoya Charming Collection.  If you read this all the way to the end without skimming, high five! 


  1. Holy cow you swatched these quickly. Mine arrived just yesterday. I'm quite fond of the whole collection.

  2. Great swatches! So far it looks like Millie will be my favorite. And I'm really digging the violet lipstick!

  3. I love the nail art looks you did! I also thought there were dupes but nope! I went through all my zoyas and nothing!

  4. Millie is perfect and my granddaughters name ♡

  5. I love Amira and Lacey. The lipstick looks fantastic on you!


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