Thursday, November 16, 2017

Zoya Party Girls Collection Swatch and Review

I have the Zoya Party Girls Collection to show you!   There are some amazing shades in this collection that are perfect for the holidays,  or any day! 

All of the polishes applied very well and I did not have any issues with any,  so let's jump into the swatches! 

Zoya Nadia
A buildable,  gold metallic,  with hints of copper.   I applied three coats for opacity; however, this would look cute in one coat over a clear base coat or one coat over any shade you fancy. 

Zoya Solstice
A sparkling persimmon orange.   My swatch is shown in two coats.

With matte top coat. 

Zoya Tawny
A deep copper rose metallic.   My swatch is shown in two coats.  This is definately one of my favorites. 

Zoya Ming
Midtone,  scarlet red cream.   Shown in two coats. 

Ming pairs very well with Oswin. 

Zoya Sheri
A midtone, garnet red cream.  Shown in two coats.

Zoya Fallon
My favorite!   Fallon is a pearl, midtone violet magenta.   Shown in two coats. 

Zoya Kelsey
A muted,  cerise pink cream.   Shown in two coats. 

Zoya Danielle
A deep,  dark periwinkle cream.   Shown in two coats. 

Zoya Isadora
A rich,  refined pearl magenta.   Shown in two coats. 

Zoya Landon
Deep aubergine cream.   Shown in two coats. 

Zoya Delaney 
A royal multichromatic metallic flip.
My swatch is shown in one coat over a black base.

Nail art using Zoya Landon.

Zoya Blake
A deep, refined pearl in sapphire blue.  Two coats.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Zoya Party Girls Collection!  I hope you like them as much as I do!

The Zoya Party Girls Collection can be found at!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Madam Glam Fall 2017 Gel Polish and Powder Review

Hello!  I've been away for a bit from the blog, but I have been posting to my Instagram account.  My four-year-old has been dealing with a rare disease and we've been doing doctors visits, blood work, traveling to and from appointments, and a bone marrow biopsy.  It's been difficult keeping up with all of it, blogging, and Instagram; but I'm determined to push forward!  In order to continue blogging, my posts may be limited in the amount I'm writing, but please feel free to ask questions if you need more information!

For this post, I have some of the Madam Glam Fall 2017 gels and a few of the powders that were recently released.

All of the following gel swatches are shown in two coats and I did not have any issues with them.

Press Sample

 Madam Glam Darkside

Madam Glam Call of the Wild

  Madam Glam Very Chic

Madam Glam Evening Teal

Madam Glam Bang Bang

Madam Glam Just Like Sand

Madam Glam Blue Shift
I applied this powder over a black base.  It is gorgeous and shifts from purple to blue.  I'll have more pics on my Instagram of this very soon in different lighting angles.  I absolutely love this powder!

Madam Glam Bohemian Chic

Madam Glam Unicorn Powder

I love the fall shades I was provided from Madam Glam and the powders are fabulous too!  I'll play around with the powders more with different bases and such.

Keep an eye out on Instagram for more looks using these products!

And, I couldn't help myself.  Once I saw Bang Bang, I knew what I was going to do....combine it with one of my favorite Madam Glam Smoothie Gels Pumpkin Juice:

These two shades go so well together for an awesome fall look!

Visit to purchase these amazing shades to add to your fall gel collections!

Friday, September 22, 2017

OPI Iceland Collection Swatch and Review

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone's enjoying fall like weather!  We're not, it's in the 90s today, but that's not stopping me from rocking fall shades.

I have all of the OPI Iceland Collection to share with you and these are great for fall!

All of my swatches of the Iceland Collection are shown in two easy coats with no top coat.  I did not have any problems with any of the formulas and I think this is a great collection for fall.  Here's the swatches!:

OPI I'll Have a Gin and Tectonic

OPI Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

OPI Check Out the Old Geysirs

OPI This Isn't Greenland

OPI One Heckla of a Color!

OPI Aurora Berry-alis

OPI That's What Friends are Thor

OPI Krona-logical Order

OPI Less is Norse

OPI Suzi and the Arctic Fox

OPI Reykjavik Has All The Spots

OPI Turn on the Northern Lights!

There are so many great shades in this collection!  Hands down, my absolute favorite, has to be Turn on the Northern Lights.  That shimmer is so amazing and a must have!

The OPI Iceland Collection is available now!

Which ones will you be buying?

Monday, August 28, 2017

JulieG Bohemian Dreams Swatch and Review

Hi everyone!  Today, I have the JulieG Bohemian Dreams to show you!

This collection consists of six, highly pigmented, dusty creams that are a must have for fall...or anytime really.

JulieG Harmony
A dusty lavender.

This one and the rest are really pigmented.  I always use two coats, but this could've been one.  My swatch is shown in two coats.

JulieG Faith
I'm really loving this berry shade.

This is two coats, no top coat.

JulieG Aria
A bold, violet shade.

This one is my favorite out of the purple/pinks.  Two coats, no top coat.

JulieG Karma
This one is hands down my top pick.  It is amazing.  I love this shade!

My swatch is shown in two coats.  I kept this one on for several days and it wore very well.  I used a base coat and did not have staining.

JulieG Eden
This mossy green will be a favorite with the green lovers!  It definitely has a woodsy feel.

My swatch is shown in two coats.

JulieG Henna
This will be a must use brown for fall!

My swatch is two coats.

The JulieG Bohemian Dreams Collection features new shades and a special edition wood-like handle.

You can find these at Rite-Aid stores and Jesse's Girl Cosmetics for $3.99/each.

Which ones will you be picking up?

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