Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Harunouta Nail Art Product Review

Hey y'all! I have more Halloween products from Harunouta to show you today!  You're not tired of Halloween are you?!

Skull Water Decals
I love these Halloween water decals (item #33871).  There's so many on this page!

I chose to do a monochrome look using the skulls on the very right panel.  I also used Madam Glam Perfect White as my base.

Stamping Plate BP - 81
This is a cute Halloween plate (item 23264) with witches, pumpkins, and ghosts.

I used Madam Glam Grey Day, a light to dark grey chameleon gel, and Madam Glam Perfect White as my base.  I then added a cute 3D bow on the spider because it's obviously a girl spider.

Both of these nail art items are from 春の歌.

Use my code, THET300.  You will receive 300JPY ($2.87) off of any purchase of 2000JPY ($19.13).




  1. I have this plate and love it. Those water decals looks awesome x

  2. I really like those decals! And both your manis are so cute!

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