Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Colourpop Fall Edit Collection: Swatch and Review

After I discovered how much I love Colourpop products, I ended up buying a lot of the Fall Edit 2016 Collection.

I thought I would review them for you before I receive my Holiday Collection order.  Ha!  Here's some of the lippies!

Colourpop Fall Edit Liquid Lips

Colourpop Times Square Ultra Matte: muted pink beige.  This one pulls more brown on me than pink.  The formula and application are good.  I've worn this one a few times and haven't had any negative issues with this.

Colourpop Calypso Ultra Satin: mid-tone pinky nude.  This one had a name change.  Mine is labeled as Gypsy but was renamed after the initial launch.  I do like this one and it wears comfortably.

Colourpop Baracuda Ultra Satin: warm deepened rose.  I love this one.  The formula on this one is also really great.

Colourpop Love Bug Ultra Matte: terracotta.  I wear this one a lot and have gotten many compliments on this.  I absolutely love this one!  I do not have a problem with the formula or application of this one; however, I have read that others have a problem with this one being too dry and flaking.  Mine applies well and wears comfortably.

Colourpop Viper Ultra Matte: dusty rose.  This is my favorite lippie...EVER!  The color is just so incredibly beautiful.  The formula, application and wear time are fantastic also.

Colourpop Femme Ultra Satin: muted dirty lilac.  Okay, so it's pretty but not something I'll reach for a whole lot.  I've worn it once.  I dunno.  I'm not sure how I feel about it on me.

Colourpop Notion Ultra Matte: red violet.  Yea....this one looks almost black on me.  I really wanted to love this one, but it's a little too dark for me.  This is the only lippie my daughter told me she hated.  I trust her judgment!

Colourpop Sookie Ultra Glossy: plum crème.  Another one I absolutely love!  It's not super sticky and I love the formula of the Ultra Glossy's.

My top three favorites from the Fall Edit are definitely Viper, Love Bug and Sookie.  I mean, I love almost all of them, but if I had to pick three, it would be those.

I don't typically do lip swatches, but I did end up doing this one in direct sunlight.

Now I wait in anticipation for the Holiday Collection!  Gah!  I love Colourpop!

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