Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ShuShu Kids Peel Off Nail Polish Swatch and Review

Today, I have a very special guest poster on my blog.  She's a very funny, smart and all around awesome four-year-old named Maggie.  She also happens to be my daughter!

Hey guys!  Today I have some bunnies here and they're super cute and fabulous!
(Can you tell she watches a lot of YouTube toy unboxing channels?)

With my assistance, Maggie swatched and reviewed ShuShu Kids Peel Off Nail Polish.

ShuShu Kids Blue Lucy

"Hey Maggie, what color is this?"
"Not sparklish blue."

"Do you like this one?"
"Uhhh, yes."  Emphatic nod with eyes closed.

This is a sky blue crème that dries to a glossy finish.  Maggie's swatch is shown in two coats with no top coat. 

ShuShu Kids Yellow Grace

"What color is this?"
"Not sparklish yellow."

This is a sunshiny yellow  crème and the formula of this one is also really great and opaque.  Maggie's swatch is shown in two coats, no top coat.

ShuShu Kids Candy Pink Annabelle

"What color is this?"
"Sparklish pink."

This is a pink base with yellow and white microglitters with a great formula.  Maggie's swatch is shown in one coat, no top coat. 

ShuShu Kids Red Scarlette

"What color is this?"
"Not sparklish red."

This is  bright red crème with a great formula.  Maggie's swatch is shown in one coat with no top coat.

ShuShu Kids White Stella

"What color is this?"
"Sparklish grey."

Maggie's swatch is two coats, no top coat.  In the bottle it's a white base with silver microglitters.  As it dries, that white base turns a bit clear.  This would be really cool layered over the non-sparklish colors.

Overall, I like this product.  I do not use nail polish on her fingernails.  She hasn't mastered some skills using utensils and sometimes uses her hands to eat when she gets frustrated.  She also bites her nail at times.  While I have used some polish on her toes, I don't on her hands.

This peelable nail polish is water-based and non-toxic.  I feel comfortable using it on Maggie.  The formula is really opaque and dries fairly quickly.  Since Maggie likes to move around a lot, the quick drying formula is great for her.  Each one dried down to a glossy like finish, so no quick drying, glossy top coat is required.

Remover isn't required for this, as it just peels right off.  Maggie wore the blue one for a few days and, besides normal wear from an active four-year-old, she peeled the rest off in one sheet.

Maggie really likes her bunny polishes.  Besides just regular painting, she has been doing pretend play with them in her princess castle.  She said they're "best friends." (Awwwww).

"Maggie, which one is your favorite?"
"This one, this one, this one, this one, this one."
(I guess she really, really likes them.)

ShuShu Kids carries safe, organic, low-odor and non-toxic nail polish, lip crayons and nail stickers for children three and older.  The packaging is so stinkin' cute!  Check them out!

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  1. Adorable! From now on I should start calling all my cremes "not sparklish".

    1. It's here favorite description. She also calls all her imaginary pets "Sparkles."

  2. OMG, that was super cute! Great job Maggie.

  3. I love this review! Maggie did a great job, it's awesome she gets to share something her mama loves!

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