Friday, May 27, 2016

Zoya Sunsets Collection Swatch and Review

Hey!  Today I have the Zoya Sunsets Collection to show y'all.  This collection is described as saturated and one coaters.  So, let's jump in and see how I feel about the formulas.

zoya sunset swatch

Zoya Cam
Let's start with the orange.  Most of you know, I'm not a big fan of orange or yellow, but I do like this orange.  It's not a full on Crayola orange that looks awful with my skin tone but it's more of a bright deeper shade with a juicy look.
I was unable to do one coat with this.  I ended up doing two coats with a top coat. 
The formula really is saturated and buttery. 
zoya cam swatch
Zoya Cam
I'm a bad blogger and polish addict because I ran out of swatch sticks a long time ago and never bought more.  So, instead of showing you swatches I just have bottle shots.  It's better than nothing, eh?
From left to right: Cam, Jancyn, Rocha, Demetria.
The closest out of this group are Cam and Rocha; however, Rocha has more red whereas Cam is more orange.
Cam, Jancyn, Rocha, Demetria
Zoya Dixie
This is a watermelon red.  I love these type of reds because they lean more pink and are more flattering on me than a orange/red.
This is one coat with top coat.
zoya dixie swatch
Zoya Dixie
I didn't have a lot of watermelon reds in my Zoya collection.  From left to right: Dixie, Hannah, and Juh-nelle (please read in Barbara from Teen Mom 2s voice and throw in a "Keiffah" and "weed" for good measure).
Dixie, Hannah, Juh-nelle
Zoya Brynn
Awww...look at this sweet medium toned pink.  Love me some pinks!
This is one coat with top coat.
This one kinda had a crelly/jelly squishy feel to it. 
zoya brynn swatch
Zoya Brynn
From left to right: Brynn, Rooney, Nana.  I feel like Brynn is right in between the Rooney and Nana.
Brynn, Rooney, Nana
Zoya Liv
This reminds me of an orchid shade.
This is one coat plus top coat and also has a squishy feel to it.
zoya liv swatch
Zoya Liv
You know, I freaking love shades of purple, but for some strange reason my Zoya collection is mostly deep shades of purple.  I need to correct that.  I'm not even sure why I took this picture.
From left to right: Liv and Serenity.  Not even close.
Liv and Serenity
Zoya Ness
"Softened jade green with a hint of blue."  I'm thinking green is my favorite color for this season, especially the minty green ones.
One coat plus top coat.
zoya ness swatch
Zoya Ness
Left to right: Ness, Jace, Tilda.  Ness is the only green here that leans mint.
Ness, Jace, Tilda
Zoya Dory
I really love this cornflower blue. 
This is one creamy coat plus top coat.
zoya dory swatch
Zoya Dory
Left to right: Dory and Ling.  Sorry, I don't own Yummy or Robyn but they're both on my wish list along with a bunch of others.
Dory and Ling

I was able to apply five out of the six in one coat and all six of these had excellent formulas.
One thing I want you to take away from this post though: I went into my swatching session determined to make these work with one coat.  I prepped my nails each time and used INM base coat with each swatch.  I applied each one very carefully.  Will you be able to apply each of these in one coat?  I'm not 100% sure.  However, I am 100% sure that these are great formulas.
I'll have my seashells collection swatch, review and comparison post up next week.  The pixie dusts are my all time favorite textured polishes and I own every single one and a bunch of backups.  So, I'm super pumped about that post!


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  1. Gorgeous swatches! I thought I didn't need these but I think I've changed my mine!

  2. Best nail polish review ever. Informative and hilarious

  3. Love them , I have them all.


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