Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Madam Glam Gel Polish Swatch and Review

Today I have some Madam Glam Gel Polish shades in neutral tones to show you.  These aren't nudes, but they're more taupe and grey.  I like neutral shades to give my eyes a break from bright or busy polishes.
Let's take a look at these neutrals.
Madam Glam Pretty Liar
This is a taupe shade that has a great balance of light grey and light brown. I enjoy neutral tones like this that have the right amount of color so it doesn't look nude but stays neutral.  This is two coats plus top coat.  The formula was great with an easy application.
madam glam pretty liar swatch
Madam Glam Pretty Liar
Madam Glam Splendid
This one actually looked a lot like Pretty Liar.  However, I feel that there's a touch more grey in this and Pretty Liar had a bit more brown.  Between the two, I liked Pretty Liar's shade better.  But, really, they're very close in color.  This one also has an excellent formula and easy application.
madam glam splendid swatch
Madam Glam Splendid
Madam Glam Mindset
This is a nice blue toned grey.  It reminds me of Zoya Lake from the Whispers Collection but this does have a bit more grey to it.  Another great formula that applied in two easy coats, plus top coat.
madam glam mindset swatch
Madam Glam Mindset
I have yet to be disappointed by a Madam Glam gel polish.  Every one I have tried applies easily and the formulas are awesome.  My right hand (non swatching hand) usually has a Madam Glam gel on and it lasts about two weeks.  The removal is also very easy.  Make sure you're following me because I have more incredibly awesome shades from Madam Glam to show you that I'm still working on.
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I'm going to get a little personal for a minute.  Thank you to my friends that reached out to me last week.  I was going/still going through a tough time.  Your messages mean a lot to me.  Even though I'm not 100% yet, I'm moving forward with blogging because I really enjoy it.  Thank you again for your concern and messages.  They really do mean the world to me.  (Hugs!)

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