Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Madam Glam One Step Gel Review

Last week I told you guys about my experience with Madam Glam Soak Off Gel.  Today I'm telling y'all about my experience with Madam Glam One Step Gel.
I have two shades and a (poorly executed) wear time and removal test.

Madam Glam Dance in the Snow
This is a stark white.  I used four thin coats without base or top coat.
madam glam dance in the snow
Madam Glam Dance in the Snow
Madam Glam My Hero
Pinky Purple jelly with holographic glitters. You know what this reminded me of?  Zoya Binx.  My swatch is four coats without base or top coat.
madam glam my hero
Madam Glam My Hero
Wear Test and Removal
I went into my wear test with the best of intentions.  I really wanted to demonstrate the longevity of this polish.  However, I have a secret, I'm an aggressive polisher.  I can't stay away from acetone.  Whew!  I'm so glad I got that off my chest!
So, here's my shitty right hand after ten days of wear.
I tried to hold my cotton balls with the pads of my fingers.  I really did try.  Anyway, you can see where the polish started coming off in an attempt to get away from the acetone.  It started breaking down and wearing off.  Whoops!
But, I mean, you have to admit that still looks good for being tormented for ten days.
Removal went okay.  I soaked for ten minutes and then flaked off with my wooden scraper.  Trying to do anything where my non dominant hand takes the lead adds extra time to the job.  It took me, with soaking, about 25 minutes to remove it.  I did the, "Should I hold my hand this way...Maybe I should twist my hand this way...How should I hold my hand to make this easier" hand dance for about five minutes.  You know what I'm talking about.  I do the hand dance with stamping too.
Soooo, I tried to do an accurate longevity and removal post for you.  I'll do another one when I go on vacation and I'm no where near my nail polish and removal toys. 
I really like Madam Glam Gel Polishes and they go on sale often.  These are on my radar and I have a wish list going!

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  1. Well I think most of us can understand the aggressive polishing issue, when I use gel I almost immediately think of the next 10 manis I want to do. Although the damage done by aggressively polishing Gloria, your pinky and ring fingers look great! So when's vacation?! Lol


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