Monday, January 4, 2016

Misa Cosmetics, Keep Smiling Winter 2015 Collection, Swatch and Review

A month ago I went crazy over my first Misa polishes, the Back to Basics Fall 2015 collection.  I really, really loved the formula.  Today, I'm reviewing the Keep Smiling Winter 2015 collection.  These are the colors I want for Winter.  I love rich shades! 


Misa Cosmetics Keep Smiling

That top row makes my heart sing.  La laaaaaaa!!  Nothing makes me happier than bold crèmes. 

Misa, You Got It: this is a rich and bright teal.  I love teal.  It's hard for me to wear some greens but teal always looks great on me.  And, the reason I love this one so freaking much, is due to the brightness of it.  Some teals have that darkened base, making it look kinda dingy.  This one is nice and bright.  I don't like to live dangerously, so I used a base coat with this one for my swatch pic.  Two coats, no top coat.

Misa You Got It swatch
Misa, You Got It

Misa, Make the Moment: this medium slate blue is another favorite of mine.  It has enough brightness to it so the shade doesn't disappear to black in darker lighting.  Again, I don't play Russian Roulette with greens and blues, so I did apply a thick base with this.  Two coats, no top coat. 
Misa Make the Moment swatch
Misa Make the Moment
Misa, Sing a Song: this is so sexy.  When I was applying this polish, I may or may not have been singing bow chicka wow wow.  I won't admit to that but I will admit I love this sexy shade.  I had to look up a color chart to tell you this shade is mulberry.  I want a matching lipstick to this shade.  Mental note: matte this next time.  Three coats, no top coat.
Misa Sing a Song swatch
Misa, Sing a Song
Misa, Don't Listen: this is a slate color with a tinge of green.  It's a nice, sophisticated shade.  It didn't throw me in a tizzy like the above three, but it's nice.  Two coats, no top coat.
Misa Don't Listen swatch
Misa, Don't Listen
Misa, Let It Happen: a medium taupe.  Another nice sophisticated shade.  Two coats, no top coat.

Misa Let It Happen swatch
Misa, Let It Happen
Misa, Why Not?: the non crème of the bunch.  This is an awesome formula purple foil.  I applied two coats for my picture. 

Misa Why Not swatch
Misa, Why Not?
And then I mattified it, because....

...Why Not?  (Ba Dum Tss!)

Misa Why Not swatch
Misa, Why Not?

Can you tell I love bold, vibrant crèmes?  I do.  So, it's no surprise I love Sing a Song, Make the Moment and You Got It (it took all my power not to make a cheesy joke about Misa Got It with You Got it). 

What do you think?  Are you a crème fan like me?  Do you hum porn music when applying a sexy shade....not that I do, I just want to know if you do.

These shades are $7.50 each and Misa offers FREE SHIPPING over $30.  That gets me every time.  Check out for these and many other shades.

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