Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ILNP Juliette Swatch and Review

Hey guys!  How's everyone's New Years resolutions going?  Mine are still on track and I'm hoping to stick with it.  One resolution I made is to swatch and review single polishes, not whole collections, so that I can plow through my untried polishes.  I have so many that I'm sure I can be successful at this resolution! 

My first "untried" is ILNP Juliette.  This is a newer polish from ILNP's winter 2015 release.  I was given this in a Secret Santa Swap by IG@lostinpolish.  She gave me so many goodies: three ILNP, my first Lynn B polish, Spell Polish, a purse hook, cuticle oil, a glass file, and a mani shot!  Here's the first of my swatches from the Secret Santa Swap haul.

ILNP Juliette swatch
ILNP Juliette

ILNP Juliette is described as a Ultra Metallic holographic with a rose gold finish.  This was incredibly hard to photograph true to color and finish but this end result seems to do it justice.  I did swatch this before just to practice taking pictures with a hard to photograph polish.  I learned that it's faster and easier to remove with a glue-based basecoat.  So, that's what I did here. 

This is an awesome rose gold with the right amount of pink.  My swatch is shown with two coats.  It dried smooth and I really love the balance of reflective flakies and holographic micro glitters.  It's awesome in the sun, indoors, and shade.  I love this polish! 

Now that I have this first untried post up, I can't wait to do more!

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