Saturday, January 30, 2016

China Glaze House Of Colour Swatch and Review

When I saw the first bottle shots of the China Glaze House of Colour Collection, I decided I didn't like them.  However, that didn't stop me from buying a few!  I bought the mini six pack called Roommates from Ulta...with the $3.50 off $10..and using some points.  That way I didn't have any remorse if I didn't like them.  Anywho, here it is.
china glaze house of color swatch

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Nail Polish Lover

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it and gifts need to be bought!  Don't get stuck giving an unthoughtful last minute gift. 
When I was in college, I worked part time at the local florist during the Valentine's Day rush.  I had to deal with a lot of people coming in at the last minute asking for roses or bouquets and I had to be like, "Nope, they're all gone, sorry."  Don't be that person.
So you have a nail polish lover in your life?  That's awesome.  I love nail polish.  Let me tell you what would make an awesome gift for someone like me!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OPI New Orleans Press Release

From the filigreed iron of its balconies to the jazz and jambalaya that permeate its air, New Orleans personifies grace, gumption and joie de vivre. The city’s indomitable spirit is the inspiration for OPI’s spring 2016 collection.

New Orleans Collection by OPI features 12 gorgeous new nail lacquers and matching GelColors that take nails and toes from beignets at Café du Monde all the way to nightcaps on Bourbon Street in style. Sweet, spicy, soulful and vibrant, the palette is perfect for a town where parades pop up everywhere, and dancing in the streets is de rigueur.

Every day is Mardi Gras with shades like "I Manicure for Beads" and "I’m Sooo Swamped." It’s always fair (albeit steamy) weather, with "Humidi-tea" or "Let Me Bayou a Drink." Other hues – "Got Myself into a Jam-balaya," "Rich Girls & Po-Boys" and "Crawfishin’ for a Compliment" –
pay homage to the Big Easy’s world-famous cuisine.

"The colors of New Orleans are more vibrant than ever, and we celebrate them wholeheartedly with our spring collection," says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador. "New Orleans is a place to recharge and revel. One where the atmosphere is delightfully diverse, where the food is epic and where music feeds the soul. We hope we've bottled up a little of that special NOLA culture, all while supporting the city's remarkable renaissance."

New Orleans Collection by OPI includes the following shades in both nail lacquer and GelColor

Friday, January 22, 2016

Essie Spring 2016 Collection

I've been doing some digging on the internet, which sometimes can be a bad thing, but today it was good.  I stumbled on listings for the Essie Spring 2016 line.  While I wasn't a big Essie fan in the beginning of my nail polish obsession, I've slowly been liking them more and more.
Please note, I have not read any official release so I cannot attest to the accuracy of this.  Just sharing what I found with other nail polish lovers.
Here's what I found:

Monday, January 18, 2016

DIY Hand Scrub

I have been making this do it yourself hand scrub for about two years now.  My recipe began when I needed an exfoliator for my dry winter hands.  Since I spend all my fun money on nail polish, I decided to do it myself instead of buying an expensive scrub.  I had read sugar or sea salt make the best exfoliant and I had just discovered the amazingness of coconut oil.  So, I combined the sugar and coconut oil and loved the combination.

Do It Yourself Hand Scrub

Friday, January 15, 2016

OPI Hello Kitty: Review and Comparisons

When I first heard about the OPI Hello Kitty collection, I think I did a happy dance.  I kept my eyes out and my ears open for further updates and news about the cute kitty.  I found a listing for the six piece collectors box on Ebay and bought it without a second thought.  I'll be honest, I mostly bought it for the box since I'm an all things OPI collector.  My swatches and thoughts!!!

OPI Hello Kitty swatch and comparison

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ILNP Juliette Swatch and Review

Hey guys!  How's everyone's New Years resolutions going?  Mine are still on track and I'm hoping to stick with it.  One resolution I made is to swatch and review single polishes, not whole collections, so that I can plow through my untried polishes.  I have so many that I'm sure I can be successful at this resolution! 

My first "untried" is ILNP Juliette.  This is a newer polish from ILNP's winter 2015 release.  I was given this in a Secret Santa Swap by IG@lostinpolish.  She gave me so many goodies: three ILNP, my first Lynn B polish, Spell Polish, a purse hook, cuticle oil, a glass file, and a mani shot!  Here's the first of my swatches from the Secret Santa Swap haul.

ILNP Juliette swatch
ILNP Juliette

Thursday, January 7, 2016

People's Choice Awards 2016 Nail Fashion Roundup

The People's Choice Awards were last night.  Did you watch?  I normally just watch red carpet coverage and fashion news about award shows.  I have a hard time sitting through a whole awards show.  I'll tell you a secret.  I look at nails first.  Are you surprised?  Let's look at a few manis and I threw in a pedi too, for good measure.

Shay Mitchell looks sex-ay in a black halter neck dress with a the side slit.  I love how she softened the look with a milky pink shade.  This reminds me of OPI, I Love Applause.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Misa Cosmetics, Keep Smiling Winter 2015 Collection, Swatch and Review

A month ago I went crazy over my first Misa polishes, the Back to Basics Fall 2015 collection.  I really, really loved the formula.  Today, I'm reviewing the Keep Smiling Winter 2015 collection.  These are the colors I want for Winter.  I love rich shades! 


Misa Cosmetics Keep Smiling

Friday, January 1, 2016

Zoya Whispers: Swatch and Review

Happy New Year!  Did y'all have a great Christmas?  It was warm and rainy in Kentucky so it didn't really feel like Christmas.  That didn't stop my kids from enjoying their new toys!  I'm starting this year with a new blog look and just an overall way that I want to post.  I want you to come to my blog for nail polish swatches, reviews, tutorials and maybe some gossip to discuss.  I'm also going to put a little more of myself in these reviews. 

Let's start with the Zoya Whispers Collection.  That was a blind sided collection announcement.  I had no idea anything was coming.  I was kinda hoping they'd do a winter collection along with the MatteVelvets, didn't they do both last year?  Anywho, here's my review of the collection that came out of nowhere, the Whispers Collection.

The Whispers Collection is described as transitional shades.  "Experience color serenity with this muted and tranquil palette of transitional nail neutrals. "

Zoya Whispers Collection

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