Tuesday, December 1, 2015

B Polished, The Happy Holodays Collection

Press sample.  Thanksgiving was awesome but I'm happy to be back and blogging!  My first post back from the holiday is the super awesome B Polished, The Happy Holodays Collection.  This collection consists of six incredibly vibrant and sparkly shades that put me in the Christmas mood!  They're all so fabulous, I'm not sure which one to start with!

B Polished The Happy Holodays Collection swatch
B Polished, The Happy Holodays Collection

Winter's Wonderland: described as a multichromed white textured crelly with red and white glass flecks, along with holographic flakies.  This one is amazing.  One of my favorite textured polishes is OPI Solitaire.  This has the white texture of Solitaire with the added glass flecks and flakies that made it shoot it's way up to one of my favorite textured polishes.  Three coats plus B Polished Prism Shield top coat.
B Polished Winter's Wonderland
Winter's Wonderland

Bling in the New Year: described as variety of gold and holographic flakes in a holographic base.  I love this shade of gold.  I would describe it as champagne and it is a very beautiful polish.  Two coats plus Prism Shield top coat.
B Polished Bling in the New year macro
Bling in the New Year

Silver Bells a Blinging: described as a variety of silver and holographic flakes in a holographic base.  This is the silver version of Bling in the New Year.  These are so beautiful.  They both have the right amount of flakes to base ratio to make it bling but not be gaudy.  Two coats plus Prism Shield top coat.
B Polished Silver Bells a Blinging swatch
Silver Bells a Blinging

Red-y for the Holodays: described as a vibrant metallic red with a holographic finish.  The holo in this was more of a scattered effect.  But, wow, that red.  It's very vibrant and the formula is incredible.  I used two coats plus Prism Shield top coat.
B Polished Redy for the Holodays macro
Red-y for the Holodays

Boughs of Holo: described as a vibrant metallic foil green with a holographic finish.  I can't get over how vibrant these polishes are.  I love this green!  Two coats plus Prism Shield top coat.  Be careful, this does have the potential to stain.
B Polished Boughs of Holo macro
Boughs of Holo

December Baby: described as a blue that shifts to a fuschia purple with a holographic finish.  I would describe this shade of blue as periwinkle.  I love this shade of blue.  Two coats plus Prism Shield top coat.
B Polished December Baby macro
December Baby

Can you tell I fell completely in love with this collection?  I love every, single shade.  The metallics are blingy but not too blingy.  The colors are vibrant and holo.  And, that white.  It's just amazing. 

Even though B Polished is a fairly new indie, her polishes have the feel of a seasoned indie.  From the packaging to formula, it feels like she has been making these for a long time.  Speaking of packaging, I took a quick shot of one to show you.
I didn't get a shot of the caps, but each cap is a swatch cap.  On the very tip of the cap, it has a built in swatch.  I love this feature.  When I dig around trying to find a polish, I have to use a flash light and really dig.  But, with this, you can just check out the cap. 

B Polished is offering special holiday pricing on this collection in the month of December.  B Polished is priced at $10 per bottle, but for the month of December this collection will be $8.  You can also buy the full collection for $50.  And, if you buy the complete collection, you will be gifted a bottle of Prism Shield top coat.  I used Prism Shield top coat in all of my swatches which is a quick dry top coat that will not dull holographic finishes.  These are available individually for only $5.

What do you think of B Polished, The Happy Holodays Collection?

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  1. I want these! How beautiful and I adore the packaging!

  2. Boughs of Holo is my favorite, so pretty ! Lovely swatches :)

  3. Obsessed with this collection. They look great on you!

  4. Why do i have to be broke!! Ahhhh so many pretties in this collection. Gorg swatches!

  5. I seriously cannot get over how pigmented and vibrant these colors over, they are really fantastic! This is about the only holiday collection I have seen where I thought I needed all of them. Gorgeous swatches!

  6. What a beautiful collection for the Christmas holidays x

  7. I think I need to pick up a few of these!

  8. Gorgeous swatches! This is a solid collection and the packaging is a bonus!


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