Saturday, November 14, 2015

M Polish Winter 2015

Press sample.  M Polish Winter 2015 consists of six shades we come to expect from this awesome stamping polish line.  Three jewel toned, scattered holographic stamping polishes and three holographic and reflective metallics.  There's a lot to tell you about these stamping polishes.  Let's just start with the pictures and then we'll discuss the stamping properties.  Boom:
m polish winter 2015 swatches

Frost: platinum holographic with platinum flakies.  

M Polish Frost swatch

Carol: bronze holographic with flakies.

m polish carol swatch

Bells: yellow gold holographic with reflective flakies.

M Polish Bells swatch

 Figgy: violet scattered holographic.

M Polish Figgy swatch

 Joy: sapphire scattered holographic.

M Polish Joy swatch

 Cranberry: mulberry scattered holographic.

M Polish Cranberry swatch

I was able to pick up and transfer each image well.  I didn't have any issues with them drying too quick or not picking up part of images.  They all performed amazing.

The metallics did change a bit with top coat.  Without top coat, they looked like what you see in the bottle.  Once I put a coat of top coat on, they looked like they melted.  It wasn't as opaque and became a lot more holo.  However, once they fully set, they transition back to the initial state.  Also, because they have reflective properties to them, the intensity and opaqueness change between lightings.  This is frost outdoors on a cloudy day:

See?  It's super shiny and platinum compared to my lightbox picture.  I'll show it to you again so you don't have to scroll up and get distracted.


The jewel toned polishes dry to a matte and dull finish.  With top coat, they get that sparkly feel that you want.  So, do not skip the top coat with any of these.

While all the shades look okay over white, they don't really have that oomph that I see when paired with a darker shade.  That's why I included a close up of dark base versus light base.  But, it's really all in preference of the user.

Just for shiggles, I used Carol for another project awhile back.  It's so pretty!:

The M Polish Winter 2015 collection will be available November 16 at 12:00 pm EST.

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  1. I'm wondering if glitter got stuck in your plates when you used these? Great pictures, btw!

    1. There isn't any glitter in these polishes. They all have holo in them and the metallics have an addition of flakes. The flakes wipe off pretty easy.

  2. Love your review!! And I love that you showed them over black and white!

  3. Figgy and Joy are beautiful. Great post x

  4. Your stamping is gorgeous! Im eager to get these, and then make time to use them! :)

  5. Great post!! Love a polish that stamps

  6. Great post!! Love a polish that stamps

  7. All of these designs are gorgeous!!!

  8. Figgy is my top pick from this collection!

  9. Wow they are so different from usual stamping polishes.

  10. Awesome review! I love how versatile these polishes are.

  11. I decided not to order Frost during the launch...your macro is making me regret that decision.

  12. What gorgeous stamping! These are clearly champs!

  13. Thank you so much for showing the colors over both light/dark. It really helps in knowing how versatile the stamping is! Beautiful swatches <3


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