Friday, November 6, 2015

Essie, Virgin Snow, Winter 2015

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The Essie Virgin Snow Collection for Winter 2015 seemed like shades I would be interested in, so I made sure to buy the set.  The collection is comprised of pastels, reds, and a couple shimmery polishes.  Take a look at the pics and I'll tell you if I'm happy with my purchase or not!

Essie Virgin Snow swatches
Essie Virgin Snow Winter 2015

Apres-Chic: platinum metallic.  Two coats, no top coat.  This is a great formula for a platinum metallic.  Even though I'm not usually a fan of metalllics, I like this one because it's a great base for my favorite glitters and nail art.
Essie Apres Chic swatch
Essie Apres-Chic

Haute Tub: black with purple shimmers.  Two coats, no top coat.  The shimmer gets a bit lost in this one.  I wanted to like it, but I didn't.  I have a few black with purple shifting shimmer polishes and the shimmer does not get lost.  I'll show you in a future blog post a comparison.
Essie Haute Tub swatch
Essie Haute Tub

Essie Haute Tub swatch
Essie Haute Tub macro

Shall We Chalet?: ruby red cream.  Two coats, no top coat.  I probably have a bunch of dupes of this, but I expect reds in winter/holiday collections.

Essie Shall We Chalet swatch
Essie Shall We Chalet?

Altitude Attitude: this is more of a pinky red or scarlet.  Two coats, no top coat. 
Essie Altitude Attitude swatch
Essie Altitude Attitude

Virgin Snow: pale lavender.  Pale isn't the word, this is white with a hint of lavender.  I love this.  Two coats, plus top coat.  I didn't realize my top coat had left a bubble on my middle finger, sorry about that.  Did you rub your screen to get the dot off?  Ha!
Essie Virgin Snow swatch
Essie Virgin Snow

Peak Show: white with a hint of baby pink.  I love this one, too!  Three coats, no top coat.
Essie Peak Show swatch
Essie Peak Show

While these shades aren't earth shattering, I appreciate their great formulas and applications.  My favorites are Peak Show and Virgin Snow because they look great on their own but they are also great for nail art bases.  I have already completed a nail art look with Virgin Snow that I'll be posting to my Instagram soon.

How do you feel about the Essie Virgin Snow collection?

Essie can be purchased at a variety of retailers including Shop Beauty Brands!, ULTA Beauty, and Shop at

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  1. A great collection of colours, beautiful swatches x

  2. These are so pretty! You're making me want every single polish you swatch!

  3. Beautiful swatches, Virgin Snow and Peak Show are definitely on my list now!

  4. I think this collection is just okay for me. I don't know I'm just not really feeling it. Your swatches are fantastic though!

  5. These aren't super original shades. I feel like Essie hasn't been doing great collections lately. However they all look nice on you.

  6. I'm glad the formula was great for you. Anytime I give in and buy the formulas are crap. I'm hoping they continue to get better. I love creams and these make me feel like I need them!

    1. I used to feel the Essie formulas were to watery and tough to work with. These were not like that at all.

  7. The Reds look so freaking incredible on you!

  8. Peak Show and Virgin Snow are my favorites from this collection. I've been liking Essie collections lately.

    1. Me too. I love that they added pastels to a holiday collection.

  9. Peak Show looks interesting, those pale pinks tend to have awful formulas, I'm glad to read this one doesn't.

    1. I love milky pinks. A lot have tough formulas and I'm glad this one doesn't.

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