Tuesday, September 22, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine, Soft Shades 2015

Press Sample/Affiliate Link.  OPI Infinite Shine technology delivers gel shine, without the light, that lasts up to 10 days with soak free removal.  I've been using this line for a few months and I enjoy the shine and wear time.  Let's take a look at the Infinite Shine Soft Shades for 2015.

Eternally Turquoise: minty blue.  Three coats plus Infinite Shine top coat.
Eternally Turquoise

Pearl of Wisdom: sparkly white.  Three coats plus Infinite Shine top coat.
Pearl of Wisdom

Beyond the Pale Pink: white with the hint of pink.  Two coats plus Infinite Shine top coat.
Beyond the Pale Pink

Go to Grayt Lengths: silver shimmer.  Two coats plus Infinite Shine top coat.
Go to Grayt Lengths

The Beige of Reason and Non Stop White: a sheer nude and stark white.  These two go so well together for a french manicure.  The first picture I took on the first day on my way to vacation.  The second picture was taken at the end of the fifth day of wear.
The Beige of Reason, Non Stop White

The Beige of Reason, Non Stop White
The above manicure was done using the Infinite Shine base, three coats of The Beige of Reason, Non Stop White free handed on the tips and Infinite Shine top coat.  I forgot to wrap the tip on my middle finger and you can tell.  I did this the day before we went on vacation and lasted through swimming, Chucky Cheese, diaper changes, a birthday party, and everything that goes along with taking care of a three and  just turned two-year-old.  I'm confident this mani would last much longer, but I had to take it off, whomp whomp. I was really sad when I took this off.

I have been using the Infinite Shine line for a few months and here are some tips I've learned:
1.  The Infinite Shine base coat works best with these.
2.  Wait.  Really let each layer dry before applying others.  These dry really fast so waiting five to seven minutes, dependent on how thick you paint, is best.  Otherwise you experience pulling of previous layers.
3.  Don't overwork the polish.  It dries fast.  Treat it as you would neons or mattes.
4.  Use the Infinite Shine top coat.  This makes a world of difference.  It'll end up smoothing out the imperfections. I tried my other quick dry top coats and did not get the same smoothing effect.  The top coat can be tricky.  I found floating the top coat on like I would top coating nail art worked best.  If you don't do nail art, floating means using a generous amount of top coat without letting the brush touch the polish.

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades can be purchased at beautybrands.com and other retail stores and salons.

Visit OPI.com for more information!


  1. Love that turquoise! And great review, I love the infinite shine polishes I have, they really do last!

  2. Love that turquoise! And great review, I love the infinite shine polishes I have, they really do last!

  3. Beautiful swatches and great tips. I still have to give the Infinite Shine line a try.

  4. I really need to get me some more OPI, I only have 1! Beautiful swatches

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  6. Love Eternally Turquoise and thanks for the tips!

  7. Eternally Turquoise is so pretty! The wear time looks great as well!

  8. I can't believe you free handed those tips. They are perfect.

    1. Thanks! I haven't had luck getting clean lines with vinyls and like this much better.

  9. These are so pretty! I always enjoy the OPI Soft Shades polishes!

  10. Wow nice swatches. I loved your french mani

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