Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dollish Polish, Dead by Dawn, Halloween 2015

Provided for review.  Dollish Polish is coming out with an epic Halloween collection, inspired by the Evil Dead trilogy, called Dead by Dawn.  Arm yourself, because there's demonic forces ahead.  No.  Not really.  There's pretties ahead.  Lots of pretties and then the important information.

This is My Broomstick: cornflower/denim blue cream with blood red micro glitters and red shreds.  Classic Ash in a bottle.  Three coats plus top coat.
This is My Broomstick

This is My Broomstick, macro
Groovy: a black jelly LOADED with orange holographic glitters.  Two coats plus top coat.  This is hands down my favorite.  I was very impressed with this.

Groovy macro
Necronomicon Ex Mortis: a mocha scattered/linear holo with bronze and copper micro holo glitters.  Two coats plus top coat.
Necronomicon Ex Mortis

Necronomicon Ex Mortis, macro
Join Us: a mossy olive green with micro glitters in varying shades of green, micro flakes, and chameleon micro glitters flashing from gold to green.  Three coats plus top coat.

Join us

Join Us macro

We're Gonna Get You, Not Another Peep, Time to Go to Sleep: a blackened wine micro flake multi-chrome, flashing from red to orange, to gold.  Two coats plus top coat.
We're Gonna Get You, Not Another Peep, Time to Go to Sleep

We're Gonna Get You, Not Another Peep, Time to Go to Sleep, macro

We're Gonna Get You, Not Another Peep, Time to Go to Sleep, matte, macro
KLAATU-VERATA-NECKTIE...NECTAR...NICKEL...: a sage tinted gray cream.  Two coats plus top coat.

Gimmie Some Sugar Baby: a squishy magenta/plum jelly, jam-packed with iridescent and berry pink micro flakes, and scattered magenta holo micro glitters.  Three coats plus top coat.
Gimmie Some Sugar Baby

Gimmie Some Sugar Baby, macro

Gimmie Some Sugar Baby, matte, macro
Hail to the King Baby: a deep inky indigo duochrome with a purple/pink flash.  Two coats plus top coat.  My camera did not capture the accurate color of this.  I included a color corrected image, but its still not accurate. 
Hail to the King Baby

Hail to the King Baby, macro

Hail to the King Baby, color corrected?  Almost.  But, not really.

Dollish Polish formulas are 5-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.  The formula and application of each of these shades were great.  Most were opaque in two coats, while a couple were opaque in three, as indicated above. 

It's my opinion that these are great polishes.  Groovy is, without a doubt, Halloween in a bottle.  I love this shade so much.  It is stunning.  KLAATU will be awesome for Halloween nail art.  It is a lovely light gray that has the slightest hint of spooky green in it.  I will be using it as the base of most of my Halloween stamping.  The rest of the collection are just all around stunners, not just for Halloween.  Each one has a subtle complexity that makes them unique and fabulous.  Overall, I love this collection.

The Dead by Dawn collection will launch at www.dollishpolish.com on Friday, September 18th and will be available through Halloween (October 31st, 2015).  Don't miss out on this collection!

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  1. Awesome swatches and great review!! Thanks for enabling me with yet another collection, darn you!! ;-)

  2. They all look amazing, gorgeous swatches!!

  3. Totally awesome collection! Great swatches!!

  4. Stunning swatches and beautiful polishes x

  5. Beautiful swatches and great review. I love this collection and my favorite aspect is that some of the polishes unmistakably Halloween while other can be used throughout the year.

  6. Dolly makes the best polishes. These do not disappoint.

    1. These are my first Dollish Polish and will not be my last!


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