Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bunny Nails Halloween Plate, HD-G

I've been looking at Bunny Nails holiday plates for awhile and I finally decided to buy one, Halloween plate HD-G.  There are a great variety of images on this plate and they are a great size for my nails.

I tested each image using M Polish Cayuga and three different stampers (Messy Mansion, Creative Image, and Fab Ur Nails). 
Each image picked up and transferred well. 

On a few of the images, like the ones above, I had to lightly scrape one way and then lightly scrape in the reverse direction.  The fingerprint was the trickiest, for me.

These look big on the computer screen, but they are small enough to fit on my nail.  To give you a visual, each of these is slightly smaller than a dime.

And, look at the cute details.  I love the spooky faces on these tombstones.

How awesome is this grim reaper with the Scream mask?!

This is misspelled.  I didn't notice until I stamped it.  So, unless you don't mind misspellings, this is an unusable image.

I tested the spider web on my nails.  I really like how this turned out.  I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism and M Polish To Have and To Holo.

Overall, I really like this plate and I'm very glad I bought it.  I'll be using most of these images during October. 

Bunny Nails HD-G retails for $17.99.  Measurements are 14.5x9.5cm and 2x2.5cm approx.  It took nine days from the date I placed my order for my plate to ship.  It did take two full weeks to get to me.  So, if you want to use this during most of October, you need to order it soon.

Direct listing: Bunny Nails HD-G


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute is the swirly print with the bats and cats? Your stamping is gorgeous as always!

  2. I meant to comment on this before! This is a cute plate! I'll have to order it for next year. I love that spider web mani and how you paired it with the red rhinestones!

  3. Very cool patterns! I love the mani you did with the plate, too.

  4. This plate is great! And I absolutely love your red rhinestone spiders!

  5. The plate is perfect for Halloween! I love the mani you did!

  6. Stunning plate and pretty mani. I realised I didn't have many halloween stamping plates so ordered some more, just hoping the arrive in time x

  7. What a great plate! I love the mani you did with it!!

  8. Love the spider nails. Now that it is October....HALLOWEEN all the things!

  9. Great review! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween designs but the spiderweb stamping looks really cool.

  10. Great plate and great review! I can't believe I've never heard of this brand before!

  11. Definitely loving this plate! I need it so badly!


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