Saturday, August 29, 2015

10 Zoyas I Currently Feel Strongly About

I have wanted to write a "Top 10" post about Zoyas for awhile, but I just can't do it.  I own 140 Zoyas and I love the vast majority, so my post would be "Top 140 Zoyas."  Instead, this post is 10 Zoyas I currently feel strongly about.  These are the ones I have planned to use in the very near future in simple manis and in conjunction with nail art.  They are out on my work station ready to be loved.  So here they are:

10.  Cinnamon from the 2015 Fall Flair Collection.  This brown is so beautiful.  I'm not a brown fan, but there's something about the warm glow in this one that gets me going.  (My Flair Collection review)

9. Desiree from the 2015 Fall Focus Collection.  I don't know what's going on with me.  Another brown?  But it's a pretty brown.  I'm excited about these browns.  They look great on my fair skin.  (My Focus Collection review)

8.  Isa from the 2015 Paradise Sun Collection.  This is a fun shade that I'm not giving up in Fall.  Plus, I love it matte.  (My Paradise Sun review)

7.  Janel from the Fall 2015 Focus Collection.  I love this warm toned red.  I plan on pairing this with Zoya Arianna on two accent nails.

6.  Oceane from the Summer 2015 Paradise Sun Collection.  I plan on using this for some pretty mermaid nails with Isa, using mermaid stencils in the very near future.

5. Lidia from the Fall 2015 Focus Collection.  I have many plans for this shade, including stamping a delicate image with Cosmo on an accent nail.   

4.  Cecilia from the Summer 2015 Island Fun Collection.  This shade is a stunner and I have severe regrets in not using it more than just this swatch.  Don't worry, Cecilia, I have plans for you soon.  (My Island Fun review)

3.  Nana from the Summer Island Fun Collection.  I know this came out in Summer, but I'm digging this berry shade for fall.  I plan on pairing this with a gold glitter accent.  Or, maybe even Tomoko? 
2.  Serenity another Island Fun winner.  I didn't get to use this enough.  I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with this, but I'm doing something.  Now that I'm looking at this, a gradient with Nana and Talia?  Yes.  That's exactly what I'm doing!

1.  Charli from the Fall 2015 Focus Collection.  I am going to wear this over and over.  This shade surprised me so much and is way outside my normal picks.  In the bottle, I did not like it.  On my nail, it makes me happy.  Which makes this my numero uno Zoya I currently feel strongly about.

What prompted me to make this blog post, after thinking about it for so long?  It's an incredibly long story but I'll give a Cliffs Notes version.  An indie brand, Mentality, peddled an incredibly damaging polish and handled the back lash less than favorably.  Now, a small group of people are left with damaged nails and a large group of people are left with nail polish they want to dispose of.  Which is a problem, because you shouldn't throw your polish in the trash can.  Zoya coincidentally came out with the #healthierishappier exchange after these events came to light.  You can purchase six to 24 shades from Zoya, use the code HAPPY at checkout, and you will receive 50% off and free shipping.  Then, when you receive your Zoya's, you can mail back your unwanted polish for safe disposal.  Isn't that awesome?  The offer is valid from now until 9/12/2015.

You can purchase Zoya and use the HAPPY code at and make sure you read the details about the #healthierishappier exchange here.

I'll be posting more looks using these above shades, including nail art over on my Instagram page, so make sure you are following me!





Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIFFERENT Dimension, Cosmologically Speaking Part 2, partial collection

Purchased by me.  I scroll through my social media feeds kinda quick, so a swatch really has to jump out at me to make me stop and stare.  This collection did that.  Not only did I stop and stare, but I went directly to the shop and threw my money at DIFFERENT Dimension.  And, it didn't disappoint.  These polishes are so incredibly beautiful and I am so happy I bought them.  Take a look.

Space Time: described as an intense green leaning teal holographic polish with added flakies, shimmer and holo microglitters.  My swatch is two coats.
Space Time

Space Time macro
Absolute Zero: described as an intense nude/champagne holographic polish with added flakies, shimmer and holo microglitters.  My swatch is three coats.
Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero macro
Cosmic Ray: described as an intense pink holographic polish with added flakies and holo microglitters.  My swatch is shown with two coats.
Cosmic Ray

Cosmic Ray macro
Quasar: described as a pink toned lavender intense holographic polish with added microglitters.  My swatch is shown with two coats.

Quasar macro

The formula and application of these were great.  The brush was great.  I do prefer a thick top coat to smooth these out.

Aren't these polishes lovely?  These are definitely in my top five indie collection category.  I'm actually having a difficult time expressing how impressed I am with this collection.  I do have a deep regret in not purchasing the brown and blue.  I might have to buy those too! 

DIFFERENT Dimension links:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nail Hoot, Pure Black Stamping Polish

Press sample.  Nail Hoot has joined the indie nail stamping polish world and I have the Pure Black Stamping Polish to show you.  First the swatches and then I'll have more information.

I did a gradient of Nail Hoot, My Green Plum and Gramma Sparkle Berry for my base.  (I have the Nail Hoot Candy Land Collection review here).  I also used It Girl Nail Art plate 103 for my image and Messy Mansion stamper:

For this look, I used Glam Polish Leo for my base and a plate from Pueen Make Your Day collection.  I used Messy Mansion stamper:

This is a great black stamping polish.  It didn't try too fast so I could line up my placement.  It was thick enough to fill the image on the plate with one quick scrape.  As with any black stamping polish, clean up is a little labor intensive.  I use liquid latex to minimize the messiness.  Overall, it's in my opinion that this is a great stamping polish. 

This black stamping polish is currently available for purchase.  A full size is $5.25 and a mini is $3.75 (direct listing).

Nail Hoot links:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nail Hoot, Candy Land Collection

Press sample.  Nail Hoot is a new indie nail polish brand that currently has a couple of collections available to purchase.  I'm reviewing one of the collections, The Candy Land Collection, which was inspired by the children's board game of the same name.  First the swatches and then the information.

Licorice Twist: a chocolate-mauve polish with flashes of blue and multiple micro glitters.  This was inspired by Lord Licorice.  Three coats.

Ice Queen: a light purple/blue with small pink glitters dispersed throughout.  It appears to be icy blue in some lights and purple in others.  The inspiration is Queen Frostine.  Three coats.

Gramma Sparkle Berry: a blue polish filled with purple and turquoise micro sparkles.  The inspiration for this is Gramma Nutt.  Three coats.

Kandy Krunch: a burnt copper orange filled with fiery micro glitters and larger orange and brown glitters.  This was inspired by King Kandy.  Three coats and how great will this be for fall?!

My Green Plum: a green that flashes blue and purple, filled with micro glitters.  Inspired by Plumby.  Three coats. 

The formula and application of this collection was great.  I was provided the mini size, so I'm unsure how the brush is on the full size bottles.  Each shade in this collection has a subtle complexity which I enjoyed.  I prefer wearing these with a thick top coat to smooth out the glitter. 

Overall, I was pleased with this collection and I can't wait to see what Nail Hoot comes out with in the future!

Nail Hoot links:


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Indigo Bananas, Fall 2015 Holos

Press sample.  Indigo Bananas came out with some rich linear holos for fall, and I have three of them to review.  The polishes I was provided were inspired by The Princess Bride.  I've watched The Princess Bride a gazillion times.  It's one of those movies that I never get bored with.  First, the swatches and then the review.

Polish of Unusual Quality (P.O.U.Q).: magenta linear holo.  Three coats.  The name is a play on Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S). 
P.O.U.Q. sunlight

P.O.U.Q. shade

P.O.U.Q. lightbox

P.O.U.Q. macro lightbox
 Indigo Montoya: blue/indigo linear holographic.  Three coats.  I love this play on the name, Inigo Montoya.  "Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die." 
Indigo Montoya sunlight

Indigo Montoya shade

Indigo Montoya lightbox

Indigo Montoya macro lightbox
Shrieking Teals: teal linear holographic.  Three coats.  The name is a play on the shrieking eels that almost ate Princess Buttercup.  NOTE: this is a stainer.  Use a base coat when applying.  Be careful when removing.
Shrieking Teals sunlight

Shrieking Teals shade

Shrieking Teals lightbox

Shrieking Teals macro lightbox

My opinion of these three shades is that they are pretty fantastic.  The color is rich and vibrant with a beautiful holo.  The formula was great and the application was also great.  I used three coats because it was my preference.  They look fine with two coats, but I like the added depth the third coat added. 

As stated above, the teal is a stainer.  I used a base coat and did not have staining.  However, when I removed it, there was some left on my cuticle.  I washed it off with whitening toothpaste.  I love the color, so the extra effort it takes in application and removal is worth it.

The Fall Holos are available now.  Minis are $7.25 and Full size are $12.00.  You can purchase this collection here.

Here are other Indigo Banana links you can follow:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Zoya Flair Collection, Fall 2015

Today I have the second half of the fall collection by Zoya.  Flair consists of six jewel toned liquid metal shades.  First the swatches and then more information at the end.

Tris: a blackened, brushed nickel liquid metal.  Three coats.
Zoya Tris

Cinnamon:  a classic bronze liquid metal, originally designed for Zang Toi NYFW F/W15.  Three coats.
Zoya Cinnamon

Aggie: a gold liquid metal with bronze micro glitter. Sheer enough for layering with one coat or fully opaque in three coats.  Three coats.
Zoya Aggie

Ember: a deep, fiery red liquid metal with enough blue to be wearable for all skin tones.  Two coats.
Zoya Ember

Giada: a purple liquid metal with a hint of fuchsia pearl.  Two coats.
Zoya Giada

Estelle: a blue on blue liquid metal with a blackened base.  Two coats.
Zoya Estelle

The formula on these were okay, definitely thinner than the creams (Zoya Focus, Fall 2015.  I painted thin coats, so many of them looked better with three coats as indicated above.

My opinions of these.  Well, they're alright.  I'm more of a cream kinda gal, so the Focus collection made my heart sing.  These didn't really blow me away.  For example, Aggie looks awful on my skin tone.  I'm a very fair bordering albino complexion and it's severely not flattering.  While I like darker colors and red, Tris and Ember aren't my thing.  I did like Giada and Estelle somewhat.  Will I wear them again?  Probably not.  So, that makes Cinnamon my favorite.  I will wear this again, several times.  I have a cream sweater coat that I plan on pairing this with a lot.  That's going to be a great combination.  Cinnamon also makes me excited for fall.  When I started applying it, No Noggin' popped in my head and I added it to Netflix Instant Que.  (High five to all the moms out there that get that reference).  

ZOYA IS THE HEALTHY COLOR OF FASHION!$9 (US), Available in top salons, spas and on
* **BIG
5FREE, TOXIN FREE: Zoya Nail Polish Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

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