Monday, July 6, 2015

Vapid Lacquer, The Element of Neon

Vapid Lacquer's Summer 2015 collection is based on the noble gas, Neon.  The collection consists of nine neon holographic polishes and one pure holographic polish.  When I first saw a sneak peak of this collection, the first word that came to my mind was "juicy" and I knew they had to be mine.  And, I wasn't disappointed, they look as juicy as I thought they would.  Here are my swatches and review of Vapid Lacquers, The Element of Neon.  Each swatch is shown in two coats and are shown in my light box without flash, with flash, outdoor, and indoor flash macro.

Neon Plasma: coral. 

Gas Lazers!!: the color reminds me of candy orange slices.

NEOS: chartreuse.

Atomic #10: lime green.

Fractional Distillation: cerulean blue.

Noble Gas: cobalt blue (this can stain, use a base coat).

Boiling Point: violet.


 Melting Point: fuchsia.

 NE: medium pink.

Cryogenic Refrigerant: full coverage linear holographic.

Are your eyes exhausted from all those pics?  Did you even make it to the end?  I hope so.  There's a lot of juicy goodness on this page. 

The formula on these are wonderful.  All my swatches are shown in two coats.  Application was great.  The holographic effect varies between polishes.  It seems the lighter colors have a weaker effect while the darker colors are more noticeable. 

Cryogenic Refrigerant is the star of this collection and all the other shades are winners.  Well, not all.  Chartreuse is my mortal enemy.  There is no amount of linear holo that can be added to Chartreuse to make me like it.  Sorry, Chartreuse.  We'll never be friends.

Vapid Lacquer: shop, facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

*This collection was purchased by me with a blogger discount.




  1. Noble Gas is everything!!!!!!

    "sorry chartreuse, we will never be friends!" Lolololol!

  2. LOL! Your chartreuse comment is hilarious. I like it though! Fantastic swatches! My favorite of the bunch (besides Cryogenic Refrigerant) is Fractional Distillation.

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