Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Indigo Bananas: Neon, the 10th Element

Big ba-da boom!  Indigo Bananas has an awesome neon cream collection for Summer 2015: Neon, the 10th Element.  This collection is just as colorful as the movie and I have swatches of all nine creams in the collection.  What could be a better homage to The Fifth Element than an awesome neon cream nail polish collection?  Amirite? 

Rhubidium Rhod: an intense sunset red cream.  Two coats.

Liloo (LithiumLoo): a fiery orange similar to Leeloo's hair.  Three coats.

The Uranium Evil: fluorescent yellow.  Three coats.

Sulfur Green: neon sulfuric green.  Two coats.

Diva Plumbum: neon teal?  Yes, please!  Two coats.

Carbon Dallas: neon blue.  A polish worthy of being named after a Bruce Willis character.  Two coats. 

Phlogiston Paradise: neon blurple.  Two coats.

Zinc Industries: neon fandango.  Two coats.

Neon, the 10th Element: neon pink.  Two coats.

This is my first experience with Indigo Bananas.  I was impressed with the bottle and brush.  The brushes seem a bit longer than other polishes, making application a breeze.  The formula was also great on all these, as well.  They were a great consistency, self-leveled and went on smooth.  All of these dried to a semi-matte finish.

My overall experience with this collection is positive.  I love anything that has to do with The Fifth Element.  I love neon cream polish and these didn't disappoint.  As with any neon cream polish, I had to test the water marble capabilities, and they get an A+ from me.  You can see a comparison of this collection with other neon cream collections at my previous blog entry.  Here is a pic of my favorite marble to date:

This collection was provided for me to review for a water marble comparison post by Indigo Bananas. 

Indigo Bananas: shop, facebook, instagram.


  1. I am so glad you reviewed this product because I got them and LOVE them because of you. ;)

  2. Great swatches! And lol at neon fandango. I love this whole post!

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