Monday, June 15, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish, The Rainbow Brights Collection

Fair Maiden Polish came out with a set of neon/bright polishes and I really wanted to try them out.  This was my first experience using Fair Maiden Polish.  These were loaned to me by a friend. Each swatch is shown with two coats.  I'll have more information after the swatches.

I really appreciate that there was a red.  It seems like red doesn't get much love in indie neon sets.  This one was bright, pretty, and awesome.

Ooh La La:

Look on the Bright Side:
Most neon yellows that I have need to have three coats.  I was able to do two coats with this and it was opaque with no streakiness.

Aim to Misbehave:
Like neon yellows, neon greens seem to also require three coats in application.  I was able to do two coats and it was opaque with no streakiness.

Let's Get Physical:

Reach for the Sky:

Don't Be Shy:

Tickle Me Pink:

Always Look for the Rainbow:
This is can be either a glitter top coat or worn on it's own.  I felt it was too glitter dense for a top coat and did two coats.  I could've used one more coat and it would've had better opacity.  This glitter includes gold holographic glitters and color shifting shimmers

Glory of the Galaxy:
This is one coat over Tickle Me Pink.  This is a holographic topper with color shifting shimmers.  I liked this topper.  It adds a really pretty but subtle effect to any of these shades.

Fomula/Application/Info: the formula on all these polishes are thick.  The best way to apply these is one thin coat, let it dry completely, and then apply one thick coat.  Don't overwork the coats.  Get them on with as little swipes on your nail as you can. 

This collection is available here.  The creams are $8.50 each and the toppers are $9.00 each.  The full size (15 mL) set is $75.00 and the mini size (5 mL) set is $39.95.  At the time of this post, the sets weren't available for purchase but most of the individuals shades were. 


  1. I really like Daredevil and Let's Get Physical! I like that Glory of the Galaxy has shimmer to it! You don't see that in a lot of holo toppers! Great swatches and review!

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