Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DD Nail Lacquer, Neon Necessities Collection

I thought I was burned out on neons, that I had all that I needed, and then I received a package from DD Nail Lacquer to review.  Hellloooo Neon Necessities Collection!  Let me show this collection and then I'll tell you why I like them.

My Friend Molly:

Sunset Over the Playa:
This is my favorite of the collection.  This is a warm, watermelon pink shade.  I don't have a neon this shade and I thought I had every neon color imaginable.  Nope.  Sunset Over the Playa is unique to my neon collection and it is gorgeous.

Let's Go to the Carnival:
This is described as a highlighter orange, but this looks more like a neon mango shade to me.  I like these type of oranges.  Think China Glaze's Home Sweet House Music but a touch more fluorescent.

I Want Kandi:

Tutu's and Lollies:

LED Dreams:

Paint Party:


This topper has a ton of different neon colored glitters with a holographic sparkle.  This topper is free
with the purchase of an entire mini or full size set.  Each bottle will have a different combination of glitters.  You will have your own unique bottle of DD Nail Lacquer when you purchase this glitter. 

This is a great combination of neon shades.  My favorites of this collection are Sunset Over the Playa and Exclusivity.  The entire collection has a slight pearl finish to them.  The finish of the shades make them stand apart from other neon creams I own.  Each swatch is shown with three coats and no white base coat.  Even though I used three coats, I liked the formula.  It had the consistency that I like.  The glitter topper is shown with one coat over a white base. 

This collection is available for purchase now here.  These can be purchased individually, 15 mL for $10 and 5 mL for $5.  You can also purchase a full 15 mL set for $55 and a full 5 mL set for $30.  And, I love this option, you can build your own four piece set for a discounted price of $35.  This is a great option.  Do more indies do this?  I haven't really noticed.  I like that I can choose the shades I want and leave out the ones I know won't work well with my skin tone and still get a full collection discount.

Keep a lookout on my Instagram account because I will be using these for nail art in the near future.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Especially that neon glitter! <3

  2. Oh man, what lovely neons! I love your swatches! <3

  3. Sunset Over the Playa is freaking gorgeous, and I adore that water marble you've done!

  4. Ohh I really love the mani you did with LED Dreams!

  5. Gorgeous swatches!! DD Nail Lacquer is definitely an indie to watch, she's creating some gorgeous stuff!


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