Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DD Nail Lacquer, Neon Necessities Collection

I thought I was burned out on neons, that I had all that I needed, and then I received a package from DD Nail Lacquer to review.  Hellloooo Neon Necessities Collection!  Let me show this collection and then I'll tell you why I like them.

My Friend Molly:

Sunset Over the Playa:
This is my favorite of the collection.  This is a warm, watermelon pink shade.  I don't have a neon this shade and I thought I had every neon color imaginable.  Nope.  Sunset Over the Playa is unique to my neon collection and it is gorgeous.

Let's Go to the Carnival:
This is described as a highlighter orange, but this looks more like a neon mango shade to me.  I like these type of oranges.  Think China Glaze's Home Sweet House Music but a touch more fluorescent.

I Want Kandi:

Tutu's and Lollies:

LED Dreams:

Paint Party:


This topper has a ton of different neon colored glitters with a holographic sparkle.  This topper is free

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish, The Rainbow Brights Collection

Fair Maiden Polish came out with a set of neon/bright polishes and I really wanted to try them out.  This was my first experience using Fair Maiden Polish.  These were loaned to me by a friend. Each swatch is shown with two coats.  I'll have more information after the swatches.

I really appreciate that there was a red.  It seems like red doesn't get much love in indie neon sets.  This one was bright, pretty, and awesome.

Ooh La La:

Look on the Bright Side:
Most neon yellows that I have need to have three coats.  I was able to do two coats with this and it was opaque with no streakiness.

Aim to Misbehave:
Like neon yellows, neon greens seem to also require three coats in application.  I was able to do two coats and it was opaque with no streakiness.

Let's Get Physical:

Reach for the Sky:

Don't Be Shy:

Tickle Me Pink:

Always Look for the Rainbow:
This is can be either a glitter top coat or worn on it's own.  I felt it was too glitter dense for a top coat and did two coats.  I could've used one more coat and it would've had better opacity.  This glitter includes gold holographic glitters and color shifting shimmers

Glory of the Galaxy:
This is one coat over Tickle Me Pink.  This is a holographic topper with color shifting shimmers.  I liked this topper.  It adds a really pretty but subtle effect to any of these shades.

Fomula/Application/Info: the formula on all these polishes are thick.  The best way to apply these is one thin coat, let it dry completely, and then apply one thick coat.  Don't overwork the coats.  Get them on with as little swipes on your nail as you can. 

This collection is available here.  The creams are $8.50 each and the toppers are $9.00 each.  The full size (15 mL) set is $75.00 and the mini size (5 mL) set is $39.95.  At the time of this post, the sets weren't available for purchase but most of the individuals shades were. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Do They Marble Like a Dream?

It's summer, so in the nail world that means it's time for neons.  I get so excited every time I see a new collection come out, but there's a new standard when it comes to neons, "Does it marble like a dream."  I know when I'm scrolling through my Instagram feed, and run across a new swatch of a neon collection, that the caption will read "And this collection marbles like a dream!"  But, what does that really mean?  What's the definition of "dream?"  So, here is my quest to figure it out.  I got my hands on some of the collections that are big at marbling right now and attempted to put them through a test.

I'll preface this by saying, I do know how to water marble.  Am I proficient?  I'm not sure.  I just know I can do it but I do not have a Ph.D. in it. 

Tools/Technique: the cup I use is 2.5 inches in diameter.  This is the same size of a child's Yoplait yogurt cup.  The water I use is a one gallon size, Kroger brand filtered water, at room temperature.  I only used this water and switched out water between marbles.  My design tool is a needle shoved into a crayon.  Yes, it's a classy tool, I know.  I used the same design across all marbles. 

Collections: Fair Maiden, The Rainbow Brights Collection; Pipe Dream Polish, A Night in Vegas Collection; China Glaze, Electric Nights; In the Name of Polish, Hard Knock Life Collection; Glam Glaze, The Graffiti Collection.  Indigo Bananas, Neon the 10th Element Collection.

Fair Maiden (FM):
This collection consists of eight creams. This collection wasn't easy to marble.  The polish is thick, which means it's slower to drop from the brush to the water surface.  I usually touch my brush to the surface but it still was slow to get in the water.  The spread was also slow.  This means it dried too much to really get a lot of passes into the bullseye.  I ended up giving my glass a hard jiggle to get it to spread.  I don't mind jiggling the glass.  But, I really had to work to spread it.  I ended up with six rings. 

Pipe Dream Polish (PDP):
This collection consists of seven creams.  This collection is easy to work with.  It was easy to get off the brush into the water.  The spread was not real fast, but not slow.  I'd categorize it as a medium spread.  This gave me eight rings.  Actually, I could've added one more drop of polish in the center, but was happy with the eight.  I did not have to work to get these to spread. 

China Glaze (ChG):
This collection consists of nine creams.  As you can tell, this was not easy to work with.  I ended up with five rings.  And, it was not easy getting these rings.  Take a close look at the design, see those empty spaces?  I don't like those.  This is the only collection that had this happen.  No bueno.

In the Name of Polish (ItNoP):
This collection consists of six jellies.  Look at that spread.  Lovely.  So satisfying.  It's so concentric.  I ended up with eight perfect rings.  It was really easy to design because it spreads so evenly.  The polish spreads fast, it's like it swan dives into the water. 

Glam Glaze (GG):
This collection consists of six creams.  This is another one of those collections that needs a glass jiggle.  However, I didn't have to do a lot, just a nudge at the beginning to get it started.  I ended up with nine rings. 

Indigo Bananas (IB):
This collection consists of nine creams.  This collection spread beautifully 100% without assistance.  I didn't have to jiggle or nudge the glass.  The formula had great consistency and rolled off the brush at a medium rate.  This let the polish get to the water and spread quick.  I ended up with nine concentric circles.  Also, take note, that the polish almost spread to the edge of the glass.  This gives room for the polish to spread evenly and you're able to create a great design.

Which marbles like a dream?  Hands down, In the Name of Polish.  It spreads fast and evenly.  That's how I like my marbles to spread.  But, they're jellies not creams.  This doesn't bother me since I use a white base with my marbles. 

Pipe Dream Polish comes in second and the best of the creams.  I did not have to jiggle my glass at all and it spread well. 

Glam Glaze marbles well, but I had to give it a jiggle.  Well, not really a jiggle as more of a slight nudge.  If it hadn't been for that, it would be neck and neck with PDP.  Once the rings are helped to start spreading, you can get a great marble.  

China Glaze and Fair Maiden are last.  I mean, if you really want them to work and you put a lot of effort into it, you can probably get them to give you an okay marble.  I'm lazy.  I don't want to put in a lot of effort.

I have added Indigo Bananas, Neon the 10th Element to my comparison and the results are as follows:
In the Name of Polish is still the front runner due to the fast and even spread.  Again, these are jellies not creams.  I'm putting the marble over a white base so I'm not bothered by that.
The front runner of the creams is Indigo Bananas.  This neon cream collection has a stellar formula for water marbling.  It takes no effort to get each polish to spread concentrically.  Because the polish spreads so well and evenly, you have a greater chance of making intricate designs with little user error. 
Next in line is Pipe Dream Polish and Glam Glaze with my reasons stated above.
China Glaze and Fair Maiden are still last with my reasoning outlined above.

In the Name of Polish is awesome, put them over a white base and have fun marbling.  You go Indigo Bananas!!!  In case you couldn't tell, Indigo Bananas is my favorite of the creams.  Pipe Dream Polish and Glam Glaze are good too.  China Glaze and Fair Maiden are no bueno.

*The only collection that I reviewed in this post that was purchased by me was the China Glaze.  I was provided In the Name of Polish, Indigo Bananas and Glam Glaze to swatch/review the collections.  I have an awesome friend that let me borrow Pipe Dream Polish and Fair Maiden(she's the cooooolest!).

Monday, June 8, 2015

Glam Glaze Graffiti Collection

NEONS!  I love the intensity of the colors in neon collections.  Summer brings on a lot of neon collections and I think I need every one of them.  I was lucky enough to be asked to review this set by the maker of Glam Glaze.  As always, I'll start with swatches and follow up with the information.

Piece Purple: two coats.  No undie.

Back to Back Blue: two coats.  No undie.

Getting Up Green: three coats.  No undie.

End to End Yellow: three coats.  No undie.  This one has shimmer but I couldn't capture it.

One-Liner Orange: two coats.  No undie.

Paint-Eater Pink: two coats.  No undie.

Graffiti Topper: two coats over a base of Paint-Eater Pink.

I love the colors of this collection.  They applied well and I didn't feel they needed a white base coat to pop.  I'm a big pink and purple fan, so I loved those.  But, the green was a stand out for me.  It seems like a lot of neon greens don't have that pretty fluorescent/neon shade once they dry down, but this one maintained it's color and was really neon.  I'm not a big fan of glitter toppers but I did enjoy this one.  It has a great holographic sparkle that I wasn't able to capture.  I feel like this topper would look really great over a gradient and I plan to do one in the future.

Do they marble?  Yes, yes they do.  And, I will have a separate blog post about all things neon marble in the very near future.  In the meantime, here's some pics of my marbles with them.

You can purchase this collection here.  The mini set is $25, full set is $50, and individual bottles are $8.25. 

Thanks so much to Glam Glaze for providing these for me to review.  I was not disappointed in this collection and I'm lucky to have a set!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Comparison: M Polish vs. Hit the Bottle

There are more indie stamping polishes hitting the market, lately.  So, I decided to do a comparison post with two stamping polishes that recently became available to purchase.  I am comparing M Polish (MP), Pish Plashin' Around and Hit the Bottle (HtB), Blue-tiful.  Both are a vibrant blue stamping polish with a metallic finish.  M Polish was provided for me to review and Hit the Bottle was given to me by a friend.  I did not purchase either of these products. 

Both swatched over white:

Both swatched over black:


As you can see, there's not much difference in color and opaqueness.  They are very similar.  They were both easy to work with.  I had no problems with pick up and transfer with either of them.  However, MP is five free (shown in the bottle shot above and listed here) and HtB is three free.  There is some confusion on whether HtB is actually three free versus five free.  On the bottle, it is clearly marked three free.  This polish is also described as three free on the HtB website (here and here).  Here is the label on the back of the bottle that has the label.

MP, Pish Plashin' Around is listed as $3.25 for the mini (5mL) and $9.50 for the full (15mL).
HtB, Blue-tiful is listed as $3.00 for the mini (4mL) and $6.75 for the full (9mL) on the main website.  However, they do not ship to the United States.  If you live outside of Australia you can purchase HtB at Beautometry.
HtB, Blue-tiful is listed as $7.00 for full size on the Beautometry website.  I'm not seeing a mini option available for purchase. 

M Polish offers free shipping of $50 in the US, free shipping over $60 to Canada, and free shipping over $75 internationally.  To ship one full size bottle is $2.50 for first class and $5.40 flat rate. 

HtB through Beautometry (I live in the Unites States so this is my option) is $2.79 for first class and $5.95 for flat rate.

The polishes are very similar in color in performance.  I don't think you could go wrong with either. 

Cost wise, breaking it down a mini M Polish is $1.15 per mL and a full size is $0.80 per mL with shipping.  If you hit the free shipping mark, it will be even lower.  HtB through Beautometry will be $1.08 per mL for full size with shipping.  So, you will be getting more for less with MP. 

I prefer having the option of buying a mini polish to try out.  I also like that if I choose to buy a full size from M Polish, it will have more polish in it.  

The bottles.  Oh, the bottles.  I'm one of those people that packaging influences my purchasing of a product.  And, HtB polish bottles are ones that I would not buy.  I do not like that bottle shape.  I was also scared the bottle would tip over while I was stamping.  I much prefer the bottle shape and size of MP. 

I choose M Polish for the pricing, size of bottles/bottle shape, free shipping, and the ability to order from her directly. 

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