Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Zoya Island Fun, Summer 2015

Today, I have the new Zoya Island Fun collection provided by Zoya to review.  Let's get down to it and then I'll have my thoughts after the swatches.

Serenity: this purple was hard to photograph.   I did tweak my picture to get it color accurate.  This is really close to real life.
Nana: a raspberry pink.
Demetria: a vibrant poppy red.
Cecilia: teal. 
Talia: turquoise. I tweaked this one for color correctness. 
Jace: tropical green.

Overview and thoughts: The formula on all these were good.  They were heavily pigmented, making the formula a tad thicker.  But, I don't mind that.  I'm heavy handed when applying polish, so I could've gotten away with one coat with most of these shades. 
I use a thick base coat and remove with non acetone when working with greens and blues, so I'm not sure how much of staining the above green and blues will stain.  I will say, when I removed Talia, I did have slight staining on my right hand (the hand I use removing polish from my swatch hand) where the removed polish hit my fingers.  So, be careful with Talia.
I love these creams.  They're beautiful and vibrant.  Even the green was pretty and I was for sure I wouldn't like it.  I can't really pick my favorites, because I really do love all of them.
I only swatched these, so I can't attest to the durability and wear time of these polishes.
You can buy these directly from or at Ulta.
What do you think about this collection?  Love them?  Won't buy them?  Do you have any top picks?


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