Friday, April 24, 2015

Midwest Lacquer

I love to buy nail vinyls from Vinyl It Up, so when Lizzie (creator of Vinyl It Up) asked me to swatch her line of thermal polishes, I was more than happy to swatch!  The name of her new line of indie nail polish is Midwest Lacquer. 

These thermal polishes by Midwest Lacquer that I'm showing you today were created to bring awareness and support to the Children's Tumor Foundation, and Kendall's Crew.  You can read more about the foundation and Crew here.  These polishes will be selling at the Spring Craft and Vendor Fair in West Chester, Ohio on May 2, 2015.

Cincy Sunset: This is a peach to coral thermal, packed with shimmers.  It really does look like a sunset.

endNF: a frosty sheer white to bright blue thermal polish, packed with aqua and pink flashes.

Popple: a magenta to royal purple thermal with a strong pink shimmer.  This one was my favorite of the three.  It's so bright and the transition is very strong and bold.

These thermals are stunning.  The transition from hot to cold is very strong in endNF and Popple.  Cincy Sunet's transition is more subtle but still beautiful.  All swatches are shown with two coats plus a quick dry top coat. 

Want to have more fun with these thermals?  You can use these thermals with Vinyl It Up's nail vinyls.  You can use a similar non thermal polish over the thermal polish and watch your design disappear and reappear with temperature change.  You can also use a different color from the thermal and watch your design have different backgrounds dependent on temperature.  Need a tutorial?  You can watch a sped up version on my IG @thepolished perspective.  Want to watch it slower?  You can watch the slowed down version here YouTube.  And here is the fun vinyl design I created using Popple and the star stencil from


  1. These are very pretty. I love how you did the staRs!

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  3. Love endNF and Popple! Your YouTube is private. I can't see the video :(


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