Monday, April 6, 2015

Glam Polish Over the Rainbow: Part 2

Glam Polish released their second part of the Over the Rainbow flakie limited edition in March, 2015.  I bought two that I convinced myself I could not live without.  I was right.  While I have a lot of flakies, I just don't love them like other polishes.  But, these and Part 1 Over the Rainbow flakies are awesome.  They look like they float in the polish.  It's just beautiful.

Ko Olina:

Ke Aloha:

Aren't these beautiful?  Ko Olina and Ke Aloha have a great formula that go on in two coats.  Ko Olina is a wonderful medium teal and Ke Aloha is a beautiful magenta.  They both have scattered holo and iridescent flakies.  The flakies are very obvious even though they are not matte.  I was happy about that.  I have a few flakies that only show up if I matte them and sometimes I just don't want to matte my mani.

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