Saturday, April 25, 2015

Girlosity Cosmetics Nature's Vivids Collection

I was provided four of the Nature's Vivids Collection by Girlosity Cosmetics to swatch and review.  Alexandria, creator of Girlosity Cosmetics, stated she was inspired by the beautiful things created by mother nature that are vivid in color.  Below are swatches of four of the six glitters from the collection with Alexandria's reason for inspiration, followed by my review.

Gold Rush: a holographic bright gold glitter inspired by the gold found naturally in the world.  This is shown over a gold base (OPI, Love.Angel.Music.Baby).

Liquid Diamonds: a holographic silver glitter that resembles the glow of diamonds.  This is shown over a silver base (OPI, This Gown Needs a Crown). 

Violet Sky: jewel tone purple with ulta-fine violet holo that has hints of dark magenta when it catches the light and small violet holographic glitters.  This is inspired by the beautiful purple tones found in the sky as the sun sets; just turned up a notch or two!  This is shown over a purple base (Finger Paints, First Edition).

Pacific Breeze: shimmery cobalt blue with iridescent green and dark blue/green glitters in various sizes.  This is inspired by the bright blue sparkling ocean waters in nature.  This is shown over a blue base (Sinful Colors, Why Not).

As far as formula goes, it's what you would expect from an indie glitter.  It's thicker than a mainstream polish but still easy to use.  I like glitters with a thicker base.  To apply this type of glitter, I use one thin coat and then slap the second coat on thick and blobbing where I need coverage.  The gold and silver have a clear base while the blue and purple have tinted jelly bases.  These can be built up on their own on the nail, but I prefer not to.  I tried Violet Skies alone, with three medium coats, and there was a slight visible nail line.  I don't like visible nail lines, so I used them over similar colored bases.

I like these glitters.  My top picks are Liquid Diamonds and Violet Sky.  The holographic sparkle of Liquid Diamonds and Violet Sky are beautiful and purple is my favorite color, so those are the two I gravitate to.

This collection is releasing on May 2, 2015 with six shades.  The other two shades are a bright magenta with pink holographic glitters and teal with fine teal holographic glitters.  I can't wait to see swatches of those two.  I bet they're beautiful!  You can find these beautiful glitters at this link Girlosity Cosmetics.

I was also provided three shades from her previous collection to swatch and review, so keep a lookout for that. 

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