Friday, February 6, 2015

Virago Varnish I Need Some Space

Virago Varnish, I Need Some Space

I was scrolling through my IG feed, and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a swatch of I Need Some Space by Virago Varnish.  It jumped out of the screen at me and said, "Buy me."  So, being the rational, level headed spender I am, I followed the link and bought that polish as quick as I could. 


And macro:

This came in a  Valentine's Day trio.  But, I only chose this one because I had never used Virago Varnish before, and I wanted to try out the brand before I go crazy with ordering all the polish.  I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed.  This totally lived up to my expectations. 

This beautiful pink jelly with holo microglitter went on in two coats.  At first, I was like oh-oh, it's kinda thick.  But, it dried down and was awesome.  Love it.  I cannot wait to see what Virago Varnish comes out with next.  Crossing my fingers they're as spectacular as this one.

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