Wednesday, February 4, 2015

M Polish Spring 2015

M Polishes Spring 2015 Swatches and Review

I have the pleasure of swatching and reviewing the entire Spring 2015 of the M Polishes maiden launch.  I'll start with the swatches and then go into information about M Polishes and this collection.
Starflower.  The blue of the collection.  It is really this vibrant and glowy. 

Bells of Ireland.  A vibrant emerald green.
Apple Blossom.  A beautiful pink.
 Snowberry.  White.

Apricot Delight.  Light orange, you know, like apricot.

Sweet Clover.  This is a chameleon.  It's a yellow in the bottle but it's a light green stamped over a dark color.

That's it.  All of the M Polish Spring Line for your enjoyment.  Okay, so the important information.  The finish of the polish is pearlescent.  I found they worked best with a dark colored stamper head, as the polish is translucent until stamped over a dark color.  These are 5 free and cruelty free. 

The release date is set for February 17, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. EST.  If you miss the launch and aren't able to snag any of these, she stated she will restock as soon as possible.  You will be able to purchase these at  At the time of this entry, the site was not up.  She assured me it will be up soon. 

Full size bottles will be $6.50/each.  Full collection (11mL) is $36.00.
Mini size bottles will be $3.25/each.  Full collection (5mL) is $18.00.

She is offering shipping in the USA and Canada (eh!).

And I'm irrationally excited to announce, I will be hosting a giveaway of the whole collection!!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Follow me on IG @thepolishedperspective and I will have details posted in the very near future.

My personal thoughts on this collection:
I really like this collection.  I'm a big fan of stamping and this collection has allowed me to use bases and different combinations that I wouldn't have been able to achieve without M Polishes.  Any stamper would love these for their stash to add diversity to their manis. 

Here's more fun looks I did with M Polishes:
Thanks for reading!!!  Good luck with the launch Mega!


  1. I'm so excited!!! Great post. ❤️

  2. Great information in this post, and I love your swatches!

  3. Thank you for such an amazing and informative review!! Your swatches are amazing! :)


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