Friday, February 13, 2015

Hema Holographic Nail Polish


I was recently lucky enough to participate in an international nail polish swap.  This was my first ever swap and I was not disappointed.  I received six holographic nail polishes by Hema.  The swapper said this is the complete line of their holographic polish.  Here's the swatches with a macro and then I'll tell you more about this swap.
Holographic Green:
Holographic Copper (nude):
Holographic Pink (my favorite):
Holographic Blue (wait...this is my favorite): 

Holographic Purple:

Holographic Bordeaux:
These polishes are beautiful.  I love them.  I really enjoy the look of linear holos.  Some are more holo than others.  Purple and Bordeaux were more of a scattered holographic but still beautiful.  I really can't decide which are my favorite and I can't really say anything but positive things about them.  Can you believe these are around $4.50 when converted to American dollars?  I paid $12 for a dupe of Copper and Bordeaux from an indie! 
Hema is a store in the Netherlands that is described as a discount dime store by Wikipedia.  So, like the equivalent of a Dollar General, is what I'm assuming.  I wish one of our dollar stores in America would come out with a line of holographic polishes.  Could you imagine?  I'd wipe out the stock in our tristate area if that happened.  I can dream!
In case your interested, my swap partner also sent some goodies for me to munch on from the Netherlands.  She sent stroopwafels.  Mmmmm.  Stroooopwafels.  I used to gorge myself with those in college, when my friend's mom would send them in care packages.  She sent some fruit flavored cookies and chewy nerd type things.  Unfortunately, I opened the box of goodies in front of my kids and they ate most of it.  Next time, I'll open a goodie box after they go to bed!







  1. Wow, these are fantastic for "dollar store" polishes! Love the blue especially.

    1. It's a toss up between the pink and the blue for me. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi where did you bought this? What street in netherlands?


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