Thursday, February 19, 2015

Harlow Exclusive Duo It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

I happened to be at the right place (my laptop) at the right time (February 6, 2015 at 11:00 am CST) to score this fantastic exclusive duo from Harlow and Co.  I don't usually luck out and get these type of exclusives, as they sell out in, what seems like, seconds.  But, I snagged this one and I'm super stoked!

Girly Bits Islands in the Sun; Glam Polish Ocean Air and Salty Hair
Girly Bits Islands in the Sun:
Girly Bits Islands in the Sun, lightbox

I'm not a huge fan of greens, but this dark green jelly microglitter, appeals to me.  I have found myself LOVING any jelly with microglitters but this shade of green is just beautiful.  This is two coats with a top coat. 

Glam Polish Ocean Air and Salty Hair:
Glam Polish Ocean Air and Salty Hair, lightbox
Glam Polish Ocean Air and Salty Hair, outdoor
Gah!  So Pretty.  This crelly is so pretty, I can't handle it.  I like this type of finish and the fact that lavender is my favorite color, makes this polish one of my current favorites.  But, when I got it, I immediately thought of Glam Polish Whirlwind.  I hoped they weren't too similar, so I swatched both of them for comparison.

On my index and ring finger are Ocean Air and Salty Hair.  On my middle and pinky are Whirlwind.  To me, Whirlwind looks like Ocean Air and Salty Hair's stripper sister.  It's similar in shade but completely different in finish.  Ocean Air and Salty Hair is a crelly holo with purple microglitter and a lot of glass flecks (which you can see in the outdoor pic).  Whirlwind is a silver holo microglitter with a lavender jelly tint.

Both are super gorgeous.  I can't pick which one I love more. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase.  This was my first Girly Bits purchase and I'm really happy with the quality as well as the look of the polish.  And, Glam Polish is my current favorite indie polish brand, so I love everything they do.

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